Throughout the game Jimmy/Serenity will find various picnic-themed foods that give them amazing (or not-so-amazing) powers to help them fight the gnomes. Just remember that not all power-ups are good.

  • Cake: The main goal of every single level. When you walk into these cakes, you win the level. Simple. The goal in each level is to reach the cake. You may have to do some miniquests to unlock the cake, but the cake is the primary goal
  • Cake Slice: This functions as a check point. If Jimmy/Serenity dies, they will revert to the last cake slice that they have come across. Always grab one if you find it.
  • Red Apple: Your basic health fuel. When you eat a red apple, you restore 25 of your hitpoints (you start with 100). Nothing big, and fairly common, especially on the earlier levels.
  • Green Apple: The opposite of the red apple, and bad for Jimmy/Serenity. When they eat one of these they will gradually lose health until 25% of their overall health is lost. Avoid these at all costs. They become more common as the game goes on, unfortunately.
  • Golden Apple: The best of the healing food. When you eat a golden apple, your health is entirely filled and any poisons from a green apple are gone. What makes these apples so desireable is that the gained %100 hitpoints, goes above your maximum ammount. So say you have 100 hitpoints total, and you are currently at 50 hitpoints. Eat the golden apple and you'll now have 150 hitpoints. Of course, once you're back to your maximum, you're back to the maximum. Oh, and red apples have no effect on you if you above %100 hitpoints. These are incredibly rare with only a handfill speckling the levels.
  • Blue Apple: Hmm, a strange blue apple with a yellow lightning bolt painted on the front? What does it do? These apples are so incredibly sour that if Jimmy/Serenity eats one they will gain lightning breath for 30 seconds. The damage of lightning breath isn't wonderful, but it will stop gnomes in their tracks. Oh, and the effects of blue apples do not stack. If you're at 10 seconds and you eat another blue apple you're back to 30 seconds even though instances where you come across two blue apples are pretty rare.
  • Hot Sauce: Hey, a power-up that's not an apple! When Jimmy/Serenity drinks hot sauce they will gain 30 seconds of fire breath which is an awesome deal if you think about it. Torch those gnomes with some hot sauce flames! It's the most damaging of the three breath powerups. And like the blue apple, it does not stack. Hot sauce bottles are normally found in secret areas.
  • Onion Bread: Our third breath-type powerup. This gives you rancid breath for thirty seconds which will spread toxic fumes that linger in the area. The powerup lasts for thirty seconds, but the actual fumes can stay in the air for minutes. Any gnome that gets caught in the gas will be poisoned. You will be two when the Onion Bread powerup dies. Oh that's right, the Onion Bread lets you walk through your own toxins. Use it to set traps for unsuspecting gnomes! Like the other breath power-ups, it does not stack.
  • Baguette: The other white bread. This power-up has no time limit, but you cannot use another weapon while holding it. That's right, you use the baguette as a weapon. Three hits will cause the baguette to break. It will knock out any gnome instantly, and they'll stay out for a while. It's perfect for those stealth-op missions. Just remember, you can only have one baguette at one time.
  • Soda Can: Guzzle one of these down and you'll be gifted with super speed. Race past the gnomes for 30 seconds, hitting them from behind.  Or just rush over those traps. Unlike previous power-ups, soda cans do stack up and you'll gain an extra 30 second bonus for each different soda cans you find.
  • Rack-of-Ribs: Gain super strength with one of these! After you eat a rack-of-ribs Jimmy/Serenity's muscles will bulge and you'll be able to toss gnomes around or pick up garbage bags with one hand for the next minute. Also, when you use melee weapons they do much more damage! A great power-up indeed.
  • Bubble Gum: When Jimmy/Serenity chew this, they can blow a bubble at a time of your choice and float over many pitfalls and gnomes. Usually you are doing this to progress further within a level. If a gnome bursts your bubble, you'll be paralyzed in a sticky mess for a while (provided you didn't fall in a hole first). Press jump button to go higher and action button to go lower. You can attack while in the air. Good luck cadet!
  • Watermelon: When you eat this, you gain 250 watermelon seeds which you can shoot from your mouth in spitfire style. It's like this game's own machine guns. Watermelons aren't very common, but they have a brother power-up that is.
  • Watermelon Slice: Same as the watermelon, except you get 50 seeds instead of 250. These are stackable to a maximum of 200 seeds (keeping the actual watermelon valuable). Not much more to say about these, unless you guys have any suggestions? Anyone?
  • Banana: Ready for a sight gag? When Jimmy/Serenity eat a banana they toss the peel behind them, causing any gnome to slip until they hit something or fall in a hole. Pretty convenient, isn't it? Well at least it's funny, right?
  • Cream Pie: Well, if you didn't like the last power-up, you're going to hate this one. Jimmy/Serenity will throw the cream pipe at a gnome in order to blind them. The good thing about these pies is that the gnome will stay blind forever (at least earlier ones). Pies become less useful when gnomes start wearing sunglasses and become immune to blindness.
  • Bean Burrito: Many platformers have a butt-bounce move or a super-jump powerup. This is kinda like that. Jimmy/Serenity eat the burrito. Jimmy/Serenity waits about ten seconds. Then Jimmy/Serenity goes flying upward upon "letting it rip" or "cutting the cheese."
  • Pineapple: This little item will give Jimmy/Serenity a tough pineapple-style skin that will render them invulnerable for a total of 45 seconds. Nothing can hurt them! (except falling in a hole/pitfall). Pineapples are usually found before you have to go through a battlefield, swim through icy water, or swim in lava. (yes, there is lava at a certain point in this game.)

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