Earth's Power Beasts saga
Hector · Luz · Rosa · Arthur · General Kader Bard
Falcon of Winds · Serpent of Fires · Doe of Forests · Dolphin of Seas
Evil Shadow · Mr. Maldad · Post-Mutants (Amonian · Demonian · Draculaster · Chivator · Chupacabraster) · Sí Sí Jefe

Post-mutant is the name of the five cursed monsters that were created from the Putriding acid. They were created by the evil Mr. Maldad in order to destroy all the nature and replace it with its own-design: the Señor City. They were totally crazy when they were born, but the Evil Shadow told Mr. Maldad how to control them.

They are:

They hate everything, but the evil Evil Shadow used his power to make them obey Mr. Maldad.

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