So here is a game idea that I have and my friend Xavier Quinones and I thought of it so here we go.

It's a cop game and it's based in New York City and you just came back from the army and you are looking for a job to become a police officer.


You start walking down the streets of Manhattan. Walking towards the police station you have these visions of yourself arresting people and being in a police chase with criminals. You also have visions of yourself in undercover drug stings and after that you have your last vision of being in the same police chase that you were in at the beginning of your visions and you first see the criminals car coming around the corner and then your car, and you try the PIT maneuver (Precision Immobilization Technique) and the criminals car flips out and just barley misses your head in the vision. After all that take place you finally make it to the police station. You talk to the Chief of Police Daniel Grey and tell him that your here for the interview. You introduce your self as George Lucas. He looks at your records and sees that you were in the Army. He asks you what your specialty in the Army was. You get to choose what you are the most comfortable with. For example recon, soldier, infantry and scout. You get the job and you start of in the shooting range practicing for a bit. After a few episodes of ranking up and arresting some goons you get a call from the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) and they see how many arrests you made and how elite you were in the Army. So they ask you to join their force and help them in an operation. The operation is to bust the biggest Drug Trafficking in the history of DEA. Its organization is controlled by non-other than the American Mafia. The American Mafia has been one of DEA toughest operation and has been on hold for a few weeks. The way DEA works in taking down huge organizations is using there ranking systems against them. The American Mafia’s ranking consists of 6 key structures. The Associates are some what considered “errand boys” who are not actual members of the family. They usually deal drugs to keep the heat of the actual members of the family. Second are the Soldiers who are members of the family and take control of the Associates. Third are the Capo régime or Captains who are in charge of a certain group of Soldiers. Forth is the Underboss who is appointed by the boss and is second in command of the family and who is in charge of the Capo régime. Fifth is the Consigliere who is seen as the right hand man of the Boss. And last is The Boss also known as the Don or Godfather.

So as the DEA slowly takes down the American Mafias organization from the bottom up, the Captains call up the Underboss and lets him know the some of the Soldiers and Associates have been taken out. Further investigation from the family confirms that the DEA is trying to take out the Organization. The Underboss gives order to all Captains and Soldiers to find out who exactly in the DEA is taking out there men. They find that a guy named George who has just recently become a member of the DEA. They soon find out all the information they need on George and they aim toward his family. George soon realized that his family has been kidnapped by the American Mafia. The same organization he is trying to bust along with the DEA. So he has to find a way to get his family back safe. You have to find your family the DEA way or you own way. If he does it’s the DEA way he has to continue undercover taking down the organization from the bottom up. Or he can do it his way and use everything he has learned so far and fight his way to the Boss. As you make your way to the top you soon find out the Boss is non-other than Chief of Police Daniel Grey. He has been teaching George everything he knows about the force and he knows how George moves. He also knows his background and alerts the family who their dealing with. You take out every single person in the organization one by one making sure word doesn’t go out to the Boss to ensure the safety of his family. George then finds out where there are holding his family and calls the DEA. After single handedly taking out most of the organization the DEA and George come together again raid the Grey Mansion and have the biggest shootout and fight scene with the Boss and his goons. After the smoke settles you take hold of the Don. He begs for mercy but that’s not what you had in mind. After being reunited with your family you decide to leave the force behind you and make it your past. Later on you hear knocking on the door of your home and George answers. At the door is a mysterious man and he points the gun to George and says “remember me”. George answers “how can I forget.” The End.

The game play coming soon...

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