Olce was a boy that receive the scepter of fertility from the Moon.

Olce and the moon


The window of the little room of Olce had a large east-ward window. At night, he remained awoken until Moon was in the skies. Then he enjoyed the beauty of Moon, and he left the window opened so the light of Moon could fall over his head, bringing him wonderful dreams. A night, he has so pleasant dream he was blessing the Moon all the night, giving her titles like "Mother of Dreams" and "Fertile Light". She began to feel a great affection for him. At Full Moon, two lunar spirits were sent to the boy. They were like two beautiful maidens, only dressing a cape over their heads. They playfully began to say the name of the kid, until he woke up. One spirit said "Common On, Holy Olci! It is Full Moon! The Queen Moon is dancing in the skies, and you have to join to her festival". The boy was amazed to see the incomparable beauty of the spirits that had invited him to the nocturnal and savage festival, that he was frozen, so they both took him out. They removed his clothes, and they began to give him a bath with the milk of their breasts while at the same time they were dancing to honor them both the lightful Queen Moon and the boy. The offering of milk was abundant, and the offered boy felt the wild presence of Moon over his head. A cloud of descends over the kid and his dancing partners, only letting to see the light of Moon in the sky. Moon, taking the body of the boy, declared "Oh, loved Olce, you have made me to burst in joy with your sweet blessings, now it is my turn to bless you. I will bring over you my eternal youth, so you will remain as a lovable kid forever. The only thing you will know is about to play and to joy, playing with your children and the animals". The boy was pleased by the words of Moon, but he had to say "My children?". Moon smiled "My Dear boy, of course you will have children. Do you think a guy blessed by me will not receive my fiery fertility? May be you are only a boy, but I am Moon, Queen of Miracles, and I will make you a little boy as fertile as a divine stallion". Then the Moon lighted up the fertile wildness that slept in the kid, a flame was born from the body of the kid, and Moon turned it into a scepter, the Scepter of Fertility. "I have you have enjoyed my other gifts". "Other gifts?" the boy asked, and Moon answered "Of course, they will be really good wives for you!". The boy looked at the two lunar spirits, realizing they were destined to be his wives, and he was really scared. But the playful Moon inspired him, and he touched the belly of one of his two wives with the scepter. A flame from the scepter burnt her, and she began to laugh and to sigh. Suddenly, she laid an egg. The spirit took the egg and she gave it to Olce. The other spirit came to Olce, and she was reached by his scepter too, laying a second egg. Then Moon left them, and the wives of Olce took him to his room. They put the eggs near the hearth of the room of Olce, while saying "Our eggs had to be warm". Then they both become bird-like sculptures, laying over the eggs to protect them. Everything was normal during a month, but the next Full Moon the wives of the boy woke to celebrate with the Full Moon and Olce again. It was the routine during nine months, and the last Full Moon the eggs were ready. The wives took them outside while Olce was waiting there. When the Moon light was over the eggs, two children (a boy and a girl) were born, and they both were nine year old, just like Olce. Olce began to play with his children, and Moon and the wives were glad to see it. Olce and his wives and children fleed to the forests, where they began their eternal plays. The wives bear many other children for Olce, and the complete forest was invaded by nine-year old savage kids. It began to be named Woods of Childhood.

Myth of Elsik

Elsik was a young woman who went to the Woods of Childhood. She just enjoyed to see the plays of the forestall kids, but she was unaware of the fertile lunar power of one of them, Olce. He went close to her, standing his scepter. He said "You are very beautiful, and my eyes are amazed. Do you want to be one of my wives? You will have eternal youth thanks to my Queen, the glorious Moon, and I will grant you many children". She thought he was kidding, and she answered "Yes, Of course. You really look like a nice husband". But she knew it was not a joke when she felt the fire of the scepter in her body and she laid an egg. She was horrified, and she began to cry. A sad Olce had to leave her to go, and she went back to her town. There, as she walked through the sorrow street, she remembered all the violence, hateful and evil of the towns and cities, at the same time thinking of the naiveness and candidness of her forestall husband. Olce was unhappily crying when he saw her wife was back. There was a great celebration, and the excited Moon turned the girl into the Queen of those Forests. She had eighty one children, and they all played forever in those forests of happiness.

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