Oblivion Wars would be a first or third person sci-fi shooter with single and multiplayer modes. The game takes place on "Planet Sigma", uncountable years after the fall of humanity, where the last humans are preserved in robotic shells struggling to cope with the prospect of immortality and isolation. On Planet Sigma however, all robots contain the same memories of one human from the year 2166. This leads to a clash of identities and ferocious violence as each strives to have an identity of their own.


In the multiplayer mode, each player battles other players with an array of futuristic weaponry, while scavenging for mechanical parts across a vast and varied landscape. These parts can be used to create weapons, vehicles and to construct fortresses.

The player starts in a random location, which ranges from dusty wastelands to craggy peaks or a high plateau. Each area possesses its own hazards, including environmental ones. All are stalked by violent non-player robots who are sorted into three main types - shamblers, colossi and amalgamations. Shamblers commonly attack at night in huge swarms while amalgamations are rarer but always active, and the huge colossi only attack if disturbed. Once destroyed, robots can be scavenged for ammunition, parts and occasionally audio diaries.

Players are able to unlock about 20 weapons in the game, and several vehicles, including the Hoverbuggy and Hailstorm. Vehicles are not only used for combat, but also for the construction of buildings and walls, which is an integral part of the game. Weapons and vehicles can all be upgraded for new effects.

The players are not completely isolated in the game. Players can choose to ally with others, which means they can share technology and work together to defend against hordes of shamblers or other players. On top of that, there are non-player robot towns and villages in remote areas that may offer assistance - or attack, of course. They may often resources or alliances straight away, after completing missions from them, or if you attack their enemies. Staying close to friendly towns is a good idea! Each town has its own collective personality and goods, and some are larger or smaller than others. Allied towns can send troops to aid you, or perhaps new vehicles.

Ultimately, the goal in multiplayer is to survive, expand and grow. Individual games may last many days. Hopefully making it so you can't be attacked while offline will stop any frustration when you return! The concept for the multiplayer is not complete, because there are some obvious problems, so please help me out, thanks.

Single player

As yet, I have no details about the Single Player mode.

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