Torch Maiden

It is a collaborative maze, you can expand it as you wish.

After many years of dreaming strange and pleasant vissions, you wake up from the cocoon of vines and leaves where the queen trapped you. You do not remember what happen, indeed, you do not remember anything, you think you have been born at that moment from the fecund womb of Earth. The only thing you want is to dance and to sing, because you are a happy forestal nymph.

The forest looks like a whole palace. The Nymph Queen looks at you, smiling.

Nymph Queen: Oh, you young nymph, welcome to my marvelous realm. Oh, you are beautiful! Look at your body! There are no any sign of the mortal youth that came here... You are a perfect nymph, the sacrifice has been a total success, you are blessed by our Mother Earth and the goddesses of the Earth, and I am received all the fecundity spells and charms that I was looking for. Thanks for your sacrifice, with your male fecundity I was able to expand the forest to cover this whole continent, and now I am Empress of the horizons.

You do not understand, and she makes a spell to make a flower to be born from the soil.

Nymph Queen: Look, it is what I mean. I can fecund anything at all by just using the power I took from you. Thanks a lot. You will be a princess on this Empire, I swear, and you will be adored as goddess by all the other nymphs.

It takes a time for you to understand you were a boy who was sacrificed to give incredible power to the Queen of the Nymphs. Soon you are crowned as princess, and the other nypmhs build you a throne and a fiery altar wher you image is illuminated by ardent candles and torchs.

You are continuingly venerated, but...

Are you really happy?

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