Torch Maiden

It is a collaborative maze, you can expand it as you wish.

The nymphs begin to celebrate a wild festival to honor you, comparable to an antique bacchanal, and they do not stop looking for your lips and taking them with wildness until it is late on the night.

It is dark, but the Full Moon, Moon of bacchanal, illuminate the night, and let the nymphs to continue dancing around you and kissing with wild passion.

They offers you a golden wine, and soon you come as crazy as the nymphs, and you dance with them in savage ways. You feel like you are an savage animal, and the nymphs your preys, so you do not hesitate on devouring their mouths and lips.

The whole forest is singing, you are the honored one, and even the flowers want to come and kiss you. But soon it has to end, and the next morning the nymphs are lying on the bed of leaves. They are drunk, just like you, but now the bacchanal is over, and you all weary, while trying to stand up again, but finally you all sleep.

Finally, at mid-morning, you wake up and the nymphs too. They smile at you, they still remember the fiery beast you became at night, and how you widely satisfied your whims on their lips.

You feel ashamed... you know that was not you but the wine. Now they bring you a present: A marvelous sacred white stallion, of fiery breath and flames at the eyes.

It is all yours, they say.

Do you accept their present?

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