The story is based in year 2901 in the Hog's Nest. The Hog's Nest is a tower that anyone can teleport to during a natural disaster. By year 2878, it was a law for all doctors to attach a teleporter to all babies when born, so that they can teleport to the Hog's Nest at any time. (Except for when police stun them with Ele-rays, lasers that disable the teleporters.) Anyways, a little before this game began, all USA soldiers were to go to the Hog's Nest A.S.A.P. They were also instructed to bring weapons. A year before they were instructed, the alien race "Anaynee" came to Earth. They treat us how we treat bugs- they are basically nothing but annoying so we kill them. (The Anaynee even refer us humans as bugs.) They were here to do a drastic test. Their test was to see what a planet could do without one of the things they needed most. The Anaynee claim that this test may even save their entire race. However, they refuse to explain to the humans just how. The Anaynee have been planning to endanger cats, the animal that humans depend on in the year 2901. Even outside my fictional story, it is a fact that when around a cat, humans are calmed down. Which is why by the year 2901, scientists will have done experiments on these cats. The cats can now stand on all fours, grow like humans do, and even use vocal chords to speak the human language. Cats have become more calming due to these tests, which is why we find them very important. Ever since the Anaynee came to Earth, we have needed the cats- not only for calming down, but for war. Even our king was a cat. Which is why the cats can't be extinct- not even endangered- or our world may be doomed as we know. This is why we must fight back.

Main Story

Lek (You) Joseph (Your friend) and Nicky (Your friend's fiance) set out to war. They fight against the Anaynee. They are great friends with the king, King Youge. They are Youge's guardians. They are the ones who make sure he doesn't get hurt. You guard Youge's base. However, when Youge wants to fight, you join him in battle.


This game is a third person shooter. This TPS involved futuristic weapons known as the HAJ (Glove with a highly magnetic force) the Acer (Locks on to target and paralyzes- great for capturing prisoners) and many others that may be updated soon. However, many modern weapons are included such as the bazooka, shotgun, and pistol. The main objective of the game is to follow the mission in Campaign. However, in multiplayer your only objective is to stay alive and defeat every one of your opponents. (Unless you play Warfare Legend, Warfare Fallout, Team Killplay, or Bomb Lock) The objective of Warfare Legend is the same objective of Warfare Fallout- team up against multiple Anaynee. The only difference is that Warfare Legend has a goal that you must reach by killing Anaynee. However, Warfare Fallout is just to kill as many as you can until you die. The objective of Team Killplay is where the players are divided into two teams, each team to face each other. In Bomb Lock, you must be the first to find a bomb, take it to a helicopter, plant it, and fly away from the destination.


I will update this page soon. I may include new weapons and a picture of a soldier of the Anaynee army.

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