Main Idea

The main idea of New Super Mario Bros. 3 is that Bowser has recovered from his defeat in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. After he recovered he stayed in lava land and built a new castle. he thought of what to do and did it. Mario and the gang are off to stop him. This will be one of the hardest and longest Mario games ever.


For a year Bowser spent his time recovering and rebuilding his koopa army. Slowly he was able to put his old castle back together. His children returned from their evil doings in faraway lands. He hatches a nasty plan in his brain. He sets out... Mario,Peach,Luigi,Wario,Waluigi,Yoshi, and the Toads are all hanging out at the castle. Thats when Wario and Waluigi fall under some sort of trance. They grab Peach and run away. Meanwhile in the jungle Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Dixie, and Pauline are at the treehouse. Donkey Kong falls under the same trance as the others. he grabs Pualine and runs into the jungle at full speed. At that same moment on Yoshi Island Daisy is exploring the island with the Yoshis. Monty Mole pops out of the ground and takes Daisy deep underground. Bowser, waiting at the castle, is happy as he sees his new minions coming up the mountian with his prizes. He gives them the orders and they lumber off to their posts. he has given each of them a job. Protect the princesses and destoy the Mario Bros. The two brothers had already set off when they noticed that a few toads in town had gone missing. Bowser had captured them too. Toadsworth stopped them and told them to protect the princecces at all costs.


A=jump,swim, B=crouch,fly X=run Y=Spin

A+B=ground pound

Character Info


Mario is one of the four characters in the Mario gang. He has all-around abilities. He can't do anything extra speical.


Luigi is part 2 of the Mario gang. He is taller with better jumping. His walking is just a little faster than Marios.

Blue Toad

Part 3 of the Mario gang. He is a little slower than most but is the highest jumper.

Yellow Toad

Part 4 of the Mario gang. He is not as good at jumping but is the fastest runner.

Unlockable Characters


She isn't good at jumping or running but she can always spin with her hair. She is unlockable once you get to the Jungle.


Bubbles is a domestic Yoshi. He is blue and always weras a pair of swimming goggles. He is the best swimmer because he swims like a submarine. You will unlock him for getting all the Star Coins at the beach.


A freindly Lakitu who is a fast flyer. He is helpfull for hard to reach areas. You will unlock him if you get every Star Coin in the desert.

Diddy Kong

Better for swinging on vines and hopping over acid. He will be unlocked for getting every Star Coin in the jungle.

Dixie Kong

She can instantly have the effects of a mimi mushroom and climb faster. You unlock her for reaching a secret goal with Diddy.


World 1-a grassland with rolling hills. There are no major enemies here. Tower 1 Boss=Hammer Bros.

Tower 2 Boss=Jr. Bowser Castle Boss=Bowser

Items Introduces=Super Mushroom, 1-up Mushroom,Tanooki Leaf, Frog Suit, Fire Flower

World 2-a swampy area with plenty of Ukikis and Koopas. It is tough to get through the blackened water.

Tower 1 Boss=Giant Goomba Castle Boss=Petey Piranha

Items Introduced=Frog Suit,Super Mushroom,Starman,1-up mushroom, Fire Flower, Ice Flower

World 3- a desert with little living life. There are a few Pokeys and Lakitus along with ParaGoombas.

Tower 1 Boss=Bullet Bill Room Castle Boss= King Boo Airship=Jr. Bowser

Items Introduced=Super Mushroom,Starman,1-up Mushroom,Bomb Mario,Ice Flower

World 4-a beach with porcupine fish and Cheep-Cheeps. The place is mostly made of islands.

Tower 1 Boss=Unagi Room Tower 2 Boss=Morton Koopa Castle Boss=Mega Cheep

Items Introduced=Frog Suit, Bubbles, Super Mushroom, 1-up Mushroom,Fire Flower

World 5-a small, icy village nestled in the mountains. The inhabitants are gone.

Tower 1 Boss=The Snow Bros. Castle Boss=Kamek

Items Introduced=Fire Flower,Super Mushroom, 1-up Mushroom, Ice Flower, Penguin Suit, Starman

World 6-A mountain valley with surrounding mountains.

Tower 1 Boss=Ludwig Van Koopa Castle Boss=Monty Army-You will save Daisy at this point.

Items Introduced=Super Mushroom,1-up mushroom,Ice Flower,Fire Flower, Acid Mario, Bomb Mario, Starman

World 7- A sort of remix on all of the old games. Each level is remixed from a different game.

Tower 1 Boss= Wiggler Tower 2 Boss= Megaleg Mini Castle Boss=Eyerok

Items Introduced=Fire Flower, Super Mushroom, Frog Suit, Starman

World 8- A pipe world. It is mostly underground. Alot of the levels are flooded.

Tower 1 Boss= Wiggler Path Castle Boss= Mad Wiggler

Items Introduced=Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, Ice Flower, Starman, Bomb Mario, Penguin Suit, 1-up Mushroom, Tanooki Leaf

World 9-It looks like the grassland but is covered with foggy black couds.

Tower 1 Boss=Fire Bros. Castle Boss=Giant Womp

Items Introduced=Frog Suit,Super Mushroom,1-up Mushroom, Bomb Mario,Fire Flower

World 10-a place that looks like it has ancient ruins in it. There is one Toad here that will sell you a frog suit or a penguin suit.

Tower 1 Boss=Eyerok Returns Tower 2 Boss=Pokey Monster Castle Boss=Statue Man

Items Introduced=Super Mushroom,Fire Flower, Ice Flower, Frog Suit, Penguin Suit, Starman, Tanooki Leaf

World 11-The jungle where you will find Pualine. There are alot of vines.

Tower 1 Boss=Larry Koopa Castle Boss=Donkey Kong-you will get Pualine Airship=Jr. Bowser Flight School

Items Introduced=Super Mushroom, Ice Flower, Fire Flower, Starman, Bomb Mario, Mario/Koopa clown car

World 12-You are in the sky on the clouds.

Tower 1 Boss=ParaGoomba Room Tower 2 Boss=Giant Jr. Bowser Castle Boss=Lakithunder

Items Introduced=Fire Flower,Starman, Penguin Suit, Tanooki Laef, Super Mushroom

World 13- A cannon shoots you into space with alien goombas.

Tower 1 Boss=Gobblegut Castle Boss=Jr. Bowser Space Center Airship=Back to Earth Kamek

Items Introduced=Starman, Space Suit, Mario/Koopa clown car,Super Mushroom, Ice Flower

World 14-a world full of cave and places that need light.

Tower 1 Boss=Chain Chomp Room Castle Boss=Dry Bowser

Items Introduced=Super Mushroom, Light Flower, Tanooki Suit, 1-up Mushroom, Fire Flower,Starman

World 15-after escaping the caves you find yourself in a lava filled land

Tower 1 Boss=Morton Koopa Tower 2 Boss=Larry Koopa Tower 3 Boss=Jr. Bowser Castle 1 Boss=Dry Bowser Tower 1-2 Boss=Wario and Waluigi Tower 2-2 Boss= Fire Bros. Final Castle Boss=Giant Bowser/Kamek/Jr. Bowser

Items Introduced=Starman,Fire Flower, Ice Flower, Frog Suit, Super Mushroom, 1-up Mushroom,Tanooki Leaf, Bomb Mario


After deafeating Bowser the gang goes back to the castle for celebration and a round of Peach's cake. The Yoshis also have a celebration on their island. Wario, Waluigi, and Donkey Kong all come out of their trance. Bowser is being cared for by the Koopalings in the crumbled castle. Peach is still ruler. Pualine has no hard feelings for Donkey Kong. Daisy is even able to go back to Yoshi island. All is well...

Extra Points

Here are some ways to get extra points.

Flagpole Celebrations

If you jump on the flag when the last two numbers of the clock are the same(ex:22,44,77,99) you will get 1,000 extra points for that number.(ex:22=2,000 points or 99=9,000 points)

Toad Rescue

Before you go in some levels there might be a toad sign above the level. If you find the Toad and finish the level with him on your shoulders, you will get 10,000 extra points.

Yoshi Finale

Finishing while riding Yoshi will get you 5,000 extra points.

World Z

Once you finish the game there will be a letter at the castle saying that there is a new world discovered. Go to the World Map screen and it will open up. World Z is like a mish mash of all the different worlds. All you have to do is get every Star Coin in every world to open up each level.

Boss "Rooms"

A boss room is a room or stationary level that is filled with a certain type of enemy. The goal is to get to the top or the flag. They are often harder than normal levels.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

This game is wi-fi connectable so you can play co-op, coin battle, or minigame mode games with freinds. In co-op it is the same as the regular mode but you can play with freinds. Coin battle is where you can play with freinds and battle for the most coins. Minigame mode is for playing short minigames with freinds to see who is the best. You can also connect online to see some of the latest Mario news and New Super Mario Bros. 3 videos.

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