NHL Slash is the most horrifying yet exciting hockey game ever! Bigger hits, fights, and shots make it a mouth-opener to anyone who plays it. Battle your way through a game trying to score on and kill the other team. The phenomenal graphics make the injuries look out of this world!

NHL and Special Teams

NHL Slash is a game allowing you to play with your favorite NHL team or play with a special team. The special teams include a zombie team, giant team, monkey team, headless team, a robot team, and many more!

Brutal Fights and Hits

This is no ordinary hockey game. NHL Slash allows you to fight at anypoint in the game using the Instigate button. The fights in this game will make you glad this type of hockey is not real! For example: You can use you stick to whack you opponent across the head or give him a good blow to the stomach. You can use your skates to cause a bloody war that referees will not enjoy cleaning. Last, NHL Slash provides you with what no other hockey game has ever done which is the ability to cause death to the other team. Hitting in NHL Slash will remind you of a football game! Any type of hit in this game is allowed! If you can time it just right you can send any player on the other team to the hospital. Every injury will be shown with NHL Slash's X-Ray vision. NHL Slash's X-Ray vision will allow you to see the bone break, snap, or crack as it happens! NHL Slash is a one and only.  

                                                                 Game Modes

    NHL Slash provides you with the following game modes for the maximum experience: Slahing Shootout, Exhibition, Bloody Career, Be a Beast, Battle for the Head, GM Mode, Fight Mode, Create a Beast, Create a Team, Zamboni Stick Spear, and Online Play. Iparty (talk) 00:12, June 29, 2013 (UTC)iparty

  • Available on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC

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