Mortal Kombat Endurance is a video game idea for Sony PS2,Xbox,Nintendo Gamecube.


After Shao Kahn's death Earthrealm has enjoyed relitave peace for many years.However the fighter known as Reptile has created a potion to bring the emporer back to life in order to bring back his clan of Saurians and ally Shao Kahn's forces.However the potion brought Shao Kahn back as a mummified zombie giving him more power and strenght.Raiden had found out many of his champions are dead and he has sent his last champions to destroy Shao Kahn.Will Raiden's champions ever have the rights to fix the potion and save the realms?


Mortal Kombat is a 3D adventure and fighting game with each character having two fighting styles.Each individual character has two special moves and one fatality.


Default Characters

  • Scorpion:An undead ninja spectre and Raiden's champion after Liu Kang's death.
  • Sub-Zero:A Lin Kuei grandmaster and ally of Raiden.
  • Mileena:The evil clone sister of Kitana.
  • Johnny Cage:A hollywood movie star and ally of Raiden.
  • Sonya Blade: A member of the U.S Special Forces and ally of Raiden.

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