Hey it's me the one who had the idea of Mario Golf 3DS.For now on my nickname will be RetroGamer!Yes I want just one more MK game.The arenas and characters will depend on their popularity except Reptile who is my favorite character.

According to Midway on 2008 the MK characters on MK VS DCU were chosen for their popularity.Each character will have 2 fatalities and a friendship.I'm planning to have a total of 26 characters.I am planning to add several new characters,new X-ray attacks,and a bunch of new elements to the MK series.


Scorpion,Sub Zero,Mileena,and Johnny Cage are the 1st confirmed characters!(Oct.4 2011).

Reptile Confirmed!He has only one fatality so far,the Yummy! fatality.(Nov.6 2011).

Rayden,Sonya,Kano,and Jax confirmed!(Nov.10,2011).

1st New confirmed characters!Malvado and Cyber Scorpion!(Nov.15,2011).

New Arena confirmed!Temple of the elder gods.(Nov.16,2011).

2 secret new characters confirmed!Skab and The Clown.

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