Torch Maiden

It is a collaborative maze, you can expand it as you wish.

You easily destroy the troll, and now the fairy has gotten the mirror. She asks you to break it, and you obey.

The mirror is soon meleted by your fire, and from the melted glass, a strange light begins to rise.

Fairy: Oh, my beloved mother, Lumara, goddess of the lightful fire of the sacred temples, you, the one who bore me from her sacred womb of fire. I invoke your power, please bring it to me and my dragon

The lighful goddess smiles, and she blows her lightful breath over you and the fairy. The fairy now is turned into a goddess of light, she has a crown of stars and flames, fire on the eyes, and a torch as scepter. And you, well, the dragon is turned into a fiery horse that is a giant snake from the waist down. The deified fairy moutns on you, you can not believe what is happening.

Fairy: Come on, horses of the gods, Lumara has given me all her power, now I am the new goddess of the light and queen of the fairies, and I will have to restore the divine realm on heart. And you are my powerful stallion, as fecund as brave, and you will help me to seed the fire of the fairies all over the heart again.

Do you like your transformation

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