In this Speculara game, you are trying to break into a mansion, point & click-style, using tools to your advantage. There are some tools that you will keep throughout the game (such as the crowbar), some objects that get upgraded (from spade to shovel), and some items are completely disposable (hydrogen peroxide). The mansion is divided into many "levels" dubbed "areas." You don't have to go through all of them, but some great stuff might be there, or you may meet a horrible end. You can fight monsters (which there are), but it's not easy and relies heavily on chance.


Unlike many other Speculara games, there is absolutely no immediate character creation. You're just this guy (or girl; you're never shown) that goes about the mansion looking around and trying to retaliate to its horrors. However, as you get through area after area your character will adapt to how you are solving puzzles (since that's what takes place most of the game). In essence, when you keep using wire cutters to cut wires, you get better being able to cut more difficult wire puzzles. If you keep firing a crossbow, your accuracy improves vastly.


In this game, you've got a hud like in an FPS. You do have guns and other weapons, but this is mainly a puzzle game. Absolutely any fighting you do can usually be completed through your wits. And be aware that your weapons may be a part of the puzzle.

Melee Weapon/Magic Melee Weapon: (Yes there are magic weapons in this game). This is in the top right corner of the screen. This includes weapons like swords, axes, kantanas, batons (nightsticks); but it also can hold certain inventory items like the crowbar or shovel. If you place an inventory item into your melee weapon slot,

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