I've been wanting this for a long time now that I can post it on a site (hoping someone gets inspiration) so I hope you guys like my idea and take notes ;).Exploration:Being able to explore the galaxy and go on your own adventure is very important so i'm thinking why not make it open world?, I'm not thinking anything like Elite dangerous or Star citizen (unless you have the funds for that then its ok!...). I was thinking an open world set on a couple of planets that you travel to via loading screen where the open world zones have upper and lower districts depending on what planet your on. this would include lower district the place where things get very very find homeless on the street, people that will go so far to mug you or others and of course people that have contracts.Bounty:In this kind of game bounty is a very big part if someone has a low bounty it's not gonna give you much to spend with but it will be safer and easier to complete, the higher the bounty is the harder it gets but that also means more and more credits!.Character creation:The problem in most sci-fi games and character creators is that they just don't make species look interesting!, each species has its own perks and flaws all of them should be equal because you don't want too many players picking one race over the other, so just make sure you put something so the player will want to go back to the next time around to add some of that replayability ;).Weapons and armour:the one thing players don't like is when you limit them to a certain type of armour because of race or class just look at how successful Skyrim was, one of the many things it had going for it was that they let the player choose any weapon or armour they want and we loved it.

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