Meliseas are the fairies of honey. During day, they drink nectar of flowers, transforming it in honey. At night, they will use their honey to make enchantments to protect their fairy-have. However, If a boy leave them sweet fresh fruits near his window, they will come during night to eat. As reward, they will put a sweet fire in dreaming boy's chest. This fire will burn during all the night, bringing pleasure and joy to the dreams of the kid. As the fire burns, the fairies will celebrate singing merry songs that will fill his dreams of fantasy and delight, as they fairies joyfully kiss his body to impregnate him of their sacred honey. In sudden bursts of joy, the kid would wake just to bless the benevolent fairies. When it is morning and the fairies are gone, the kid found himself flooded in honey, with a harmless burn in his chest and a comforted heard.


The honey of the fairies improves health and strength of the boy who offered to the fairies. Some mothers teach to their sons how to offer to fairies to keep them sane and health.


The boy would be abducted by the fairies if they liked him too much, so it is recommendable just an offering per year. Each offering makes the fairies more wild, and the fairies would enchant the boy to make him to do something they want, i.e. make him to build them an altar, make him to bring them lots of flowers. Furthermore, the boy, enjoying the fairies company, would make secret non-recommendable additional offerings. In his dreams, the fairies show themselves as beautiful youth women standing torches and branches of flowers, and the boy would like to draw them obsessively. That is why few moms teach his sons that practice. However, in case of severe disease, mothers preferred to have his son abducted by fairies than dead. Anyways, only one of each twenty boys is finally abducted.


Some abducted boys have been found lying inside giant honey-combs, with burns of fire of fairies on the whole body. They do not remember everything but beautiful women rising torches and flowers. Those boys did not grow or develop despite they have remained lost during many years. They were usually covered by bright pearls (perhaps eggs of fairies) from the belly to the thighs. Anyways, boys and pearls usually disappear in few days, perhaps the fairies take them back.

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