In the Alros and The Torch of Skies game, the Maze of Darkness is the last maze that Alros has to confront before becoming a Sacred Wind.



Alros has to look for the third Red Fairy, who has been kidnapped by the Queen of Darkness. The other red fairies helps him to capture the Crow of Darkness, so he can go into Maze of Darkness.

But they fall in a trap are they are sent to the dungeons. Dragon Foraes helps them to escape, and Alros manages to reach the dark room of the queen.

Alros and the Queen have their final match. After a really hard battle a Fly of Disease escapes from the chest of the Queen. Then she becomes a fairy, a red fairy, and her sisters discover she was not kidnapped by but she was the Queen herself, corrupted by a powerful Fly of Disease. Then Fly prepares its fatal attack Final Disease to kill the fairy, but Alros intervenes and he defeats it. But suddenly, the floor falls and Alros has to fight against Volar. It is revelead he was the one who kidnapped the third fairy to put a fly of disease inside her chest to make her his mindless slave. When Volar is defeated, the three fairies come to Alros and the ritual to turn him into a Sacred Wind is completed.

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