The game is no normal game. This game let's you create your own campaign, versus, arcade even characters and sounds using tools from other realeased games and devices. Possibly avaliable in Next-Gen Consles. So able to create achievements or Trophies for the game. The title Matter being the stuff that creates everything. The game also comes with it's own special memory unit.


  • First tool would be for the places you would create. Using something based off or around Halo 3 'Forge' idea, but rather fixed by:
  1. Able to move the object in a 90 or 45 degrees turn
  2. Able to have objects in the air wih pressing a button
  3. NEW tool menu able to dig and create dirt mountains and able to pull up and down land
  4. NEW Landscaping tool, letting the creator use sand, grass and dirt plus mixtures of either or all for the land
  • Second a new menu selectong but pressing RB and LB on the controller changing the Theme (scroll down for a look) and LT and RT changing the Model (e.g. Weapons, Chracter Models, Vechiles). Toolbar can be changed in the menu created by them at the start
  • Third would be a creation model of vechiles, characters ,weapons, ground textures and many more using a City Of Heroes/Villians character creation screen. Toolbar can be changed in the menu created by them at the start
  • Fourth would be a Voice Recoeding and Music Recording device allowing the player to make conversations and cutscenes between characters and creating computer generated tones and instruments (e.g. a sub tool being Instrument Tool allowing the creator to use instruments to make musical pieces that can be used in the game)
  • Fifth being a Insert Tool allowing the creator to insert videos & music off their consle

Beginning The Game

The screen is black and has white writing having (in order): 'Start Your Game' 'Options' 'Credits'. Clicking 'Start Your Game' the scene will black out and enter to a special option screen were you name the game and create collectables and unlockables, also letting you pick of many different catergories of game genre and sets you up for that style/genre. The genres to choose from are:

  • Fighting
  • Stealth
  • RPG (Role Playing Game)
  • Shooter (sub catergories: First | Thrid)
  • Action
  • Thinking (puzzles)
  • And others


The themes are what the different scenerios are made of. The levels and themes included are:

Theme Level
Land/Earth Water/Ocean
Ice/Water Antartica
Lava/Fire Lava/Volcaneo
Up High/Air A Long Way Up
Solar/Sol Space
Factory/Workshop Electrical Metal Factory
Desert The Inner Country
City/Town A Concrete Jungle
Jungle The Wettest Lands
CUSTOM Blackest Night

Secert Collectables

Noting this is a game it does have it's own set of trophies/achievements and Unlockable equipment. One noticeable things will be a secert animal skull in each level. Getting one gives you a special weapon, clothing and vechile used in that Theme e.g. in the Jungle if finding the skull and 'deleting' it gives you a Greek robe, Greek infolenced spear and chariot.

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