&nbsp Neo and the computers brokered a peace. We are free. those that wish to leave the matrix can do so...... but what happens in the matrix now we know?

people saw Neo and his capabilities. People know the machines held them captive from birth. people KNOW in the machine they are invincible if they believe.

it is an mmorpg that takes place after NEO's heroiecs action. what do the people do? what use are the agents now? will we require the machines?

the whole game is about a place exactly like earth right now, but you have the ability to choose, the ability do anything you ever wanted.

the idea however is not to anger the machines for they will disconnect you, don't anger the people for they will kill you when you are connected, but through all of this you have to work your way up to become the new creator, the new one. either way you choose either to ally with humans or machines you get gifts. the machines can give you tanks and weapons and more intel. the humans can give you freedom, weapons and skill.

there will be also player that can choose to be machines, agents. they are fast but they are ever loyal to the machines. as a start up character you get only one option, to destroy those upsetting the balance. these will be trainer characters. they will be high level but with no quests, no missions except destroy those who seek to upset the balance.

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