A Marvel Vs. DC crossover


It would play like Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Story mode would play out in different chapters with the player siding with either Marvel or DC.

Battles would be one on one unless the player is in Tag mode.

There are two tag modes, two on two and three on three.


Marvel Alternate Costumes DC Alternate Costumes
1 Black Widow Mockingbird Batman Arkham City
2 Captain America Black Canary Sara Lance
3 Daredevil Catwoman Arkham City
4 Deadpool Deathstroke Arkham Origins


5 Domino Flash Arrowverse

Reverse Flash

6 Gambit Green Arrow Arrow


Malcolm Merlyn

7 Hulk Harley Quinn Arkham Asylum

Arkham City

8 Iron Man Joker Arkham City
9 Magneto Lex Luthor
10 Nick Fury Ultimate Nightwing Arkham City
11 Punisher Red Hood
12 Rogue Superman
13 Spiderman Ultimate Wonder Woman
14 Star-Lord
15 Thor
16 Vision
17 Wolverine

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