This game would be based on the gameplay of the first Ultimate Alliance,but it would also have a new style of leveling.and a new combat style.There would be over 30 playable characters.The playable characters would be Archangel,Banshee,Beast,Black Bolt,Black Knight,Black Widow,Cable,Captain America,Captain Mar-Vell,Colossus,Deadpool,Ghost Rider,Havok,Hawkeye,Hercules,Hulk,Iron Man,Juggernaut,Moon Knight,Namor,Nightcrawler,Nova,Professor X,Punisher,Quicksilver,Sasquatch,Sentry,Shaman,She-Hulk,Spider Man,Thing,Thor,Vision,Wolverine,and Cadver.The characters costumes would also affect the gameplay more than the other Ultimate Alliance games.For example,if you decided to play as Iron Man,and you equipped his Hulkbuster armor,his strength and injury resistance would be considerably higher than his regular armor.The power system would also be tweaked.Instead of being stuck with some crappy powers and moves,you can pick from a large ammount of signature moves performed by the character.Such as,Sentry's power to summon solar energy.As of combat,it would be more associated with the combat style of the Batman Arkham Series,without the vigourous movements of Batman,not including the fighting movements of Spider-Man or Deadpool.As for the plot of the game,it's all about the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants deciding that the human race has gone too far when they kill Pyro in self-defense.Seeing that his old freind Charles Xavier did not react to Pyro's death,he decides that everyone that does not belong to the Brotherhood deserves nothing better than a complete world domination.It's up to an advanced team of heroes to combat this threat to save humanity.

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