I know that there are ALOT of superhero games out there, and I must say I am a huge Marvel & DC fan and love their games!! But I wish they would make a new kind of game similar to say Spiderman: Web Of Shadows or Iron-Man, but with a twist. Here is my video game idea:

You have the WHOLE of New York (and I mean the WHOLE) to explore, and maybe travel to some new destinations! When you start the game you can choose from characters such as Iron Man, Songbird, Jean Grey, Storm, Daredevil, Gambit, Ms. Marvel, Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Catwoman, Wonderwoman, She Hulk, Hulk, Flygirl, Thor, Wolverine, Jubilee, (and many more not so popular superhero's).

You play ONLY as one character (not a group of 4 like Marvel Ultimate Alliance or X-Men), and for each Character there is a different story you play, different enemies you face! Reason for only playing as one character, well it makes it more REAL. Like Spiderman or Iron Man, you get so see the character more CLOSE UP, and that way it makes it more life like when you get hit, or need to escape from a large group of soldier attacking!

Also you would be able to hide behind crates, cars, and in shadows while enemies seek you out to destroy you. Characters who fly will be able to fly so much HIGHER up in the sky (like Superman Returns PS2) You will also be able to grab enemies and fly with them into the air and drop them from high up in the sky!

As you character gets hit by a car, fist or super-power move, their clothes will be torn and marks on their faces and body will show!

Games such as Superman Returns where you get to see the character CLOSE UP makes it so much better than playing for a distance from the top. I mean you want to live yourself in the superhero's shoes. I think it would be amazing choosing 1 Hero to play, rather than 4 in a group, that way you get to know the character so much more and their super powers and their pasts. So if I play as Jubilee today... I follow one story, but if I decide to play as Songbird tomorrow, I follow a new story line. But each story has their own ends eventually. But the game will be more than a couple of hours (def. more than 13 hours of play)

That is MY idea... and I really wish ANY company would grab this idea and run with it! We are waiting for this game to hit the shelves!!

MJP x x

Let me know what you guys think please

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