Mario's Party is a party/adventure video game based on Nintendo's character Mario and Namco's Pac-Man.It will be released for PS3/PSP/Wii/DS/and Ps2.

1. Storyline

The game starts with Mario telling his newborn Baby Mario in the dinner table about the biggest party they ever had in years.It starts where Mario gets an invitation to the new amusement park Super Mario Universe.Mario then invites Luigi,Peach,Daisy,Toad,Wario,Waluigi, DK,and Diddy Kong.Pac-Man and Mrs. Pac-Man get an invitation also.However after finding out it was a scheme by Bowser, Mario,Pac-Man, and co. must work together to escape his fortess.

2. Characters

There are 11 hereos,4 bosses,and 15 enemies.Thats a total of 30 characters.

2.1 Playable Characters


2.2 Unlockable Characters

Pac-Man/Mrs. Pac-Man

2.3 Bosses

Petey Pirahna/Dry Bones/Blinky/Bowser/

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