The plot of this game takes place 18 years after the events of the video series. The game starts out with a 18-24 year old character (which would be created via a series of question asked in the beggining of the game a la mystery dungeon, which would determine features such as hair and eye color, age, relationship status, and other things) moving into his/her first apartment which is Jay's in the videos (rebuilt after the fire). It will then give a brief tutorial of the basic controls such as walking, running, oppening doors, and using the computer. During the course of the tutorial you will find a unlocked fire proof safe which contains some early raw footage of marble hornets containing only one hidden view of the Operator. You will decide to make to recreate due to a project asigned by your characters teacher. the next day you will begin shooting and the operator will be there but well hidden and in-accesible. the day after that one of your friends your shooting with will have "slender sickness" and from that point forward in the game almost every single aspect of the game's story is dependent on the choices you make.

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