Alright so i'm quite new to this wiki and i just really wanted to share my idea.Don't be blinded by my post the game wouldn't be called Mafia game.But anyway here goes my idea.the game would be set in Chicago in 1930's.You would be playing as a newly joined mafia member which plunges into a civil after a assassination on the Don of the family.You would start taking control of the family and end the chaotic civil war while protecting it from other families(the whole civil war thing would be like 10 or 15 missions long) After taking control you would try to be the biggest family in the city.Features would include shop extortion,running businesses,territory fights.There would also be a strategy kind of mode where you could control your men and have them attack rather than you attacking the areas.After you take over it wouldn't be game over.Some mafia families will try to resurface and take their territories back.Too much attention will lead to undercover cops and snitches flooding your family.Which would lead to police storming for instance a drug compound at your weakest point.But no problem as there are solutions for this as well.You would be able to bribe corrupt officers,Get blackmail on the police something that would be more advised.and just investigating and finding the snitches and undercover cops.Those are all the features for now.The game's world would be the most realistic Chicago in a Video game and there would plenty of Al Capone references.Well anyway than you for reading hope you liked it.

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