Macro Man is the robotic friend of Dark Stallion.


It is unknown its origin. Many people link it to Jans Virus Corporation and many other resistance groups.

Dark Stallion

Dark Stallion and Macro Man became friends after the 200 dollars per oil barrel Doomed Day of Doomsday, right after Alter Man announced he will seize control of Earth by buying the entire oil reserve (thanks to financial support from Barletta).

Dark Stallion was flying as Bolt when he suddenly saw an explosion: It was Alter Man, he was using the dark power of the Cursed Dark Fire (a unholy fire banned from the temples by gods) to create the Gloomy Doom monster of oil and dark fire. He was about to confront the dark fire using the sacred fire of neighs of Bolt, but Bolt saw a cute mare at a farm and it just abandoned the battle. He has to become Dark Stallion again. It looked hopeless, as the true powers of Dark Stallion with out Bolt are very limited, but then suddenly a heroic robot came: Macro Man!!!.

"Mini told me you are in danger" Macro Man says. "Mini? Who is Mini?" Alter Man asked, but Macro Man was too busy fighting and he did not answer (Nowadays Dark Stallion is still trying to discover who is that Mini).

The dark power was very hard to defeat, but Macro Man used his electrical technique to break the power Alter Man had over the beast. The beast was out-of-control, and it tried to destroy Alter Man himself. He had to put off the dark fire that he was holding to destroy the beast. Alter Man swore to destroy them both, but he had to retreat at that moment, and Dark Stallion and Macro Man became friends.

The End?

Right before the possible last battle between Alter Man and Dark Stallion, Macro Man fought against Alter Man. But he sent Macro Man to a dooming dark hole of doom, and it was probably the last day of Macro Man on Earth.

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