In the Alros and The Torch of Skies game, the Lunar Spells are spells that involve ghosts and moonlight.

They can only been performed when Alros is a Ghost


It is a list of some basic lunar spells

  • Kiss of Moon- The ghost kisses the mouth of a sleeping victim, drinking some of her breath and soul. The victim is impregnated by the Moonlight, and her spirit is turned into a more ghost-like soul, causing her terrible nightmares. After six Kisses of Moon, the victim goes crazy, and after nine kisses she becomes a ghost. In the game, the girls turned into ghosts by Alros in this way become his friends and help him in his travel through the lands of the Lunar Altar and the Altar of the Stars.
  • NightDream- Spell to induce strange dreams into awake persons, in order to let them vulnerable to the Kisses of Moon and other spells
  • Nocturnal Light- Using his candle, the Ghost Alros can induce an ecstaic trance on persons, in order to break down their will
  • Fire of the Ghosts- A single flame from the mouth of Alros when turned into a spectral horse can turn anyone into a ghost
  • Subjugation- A kick by the hoofs of the spectral horse can turn enemies into harmless spectral beings


  • White Bow: Ghost bow to turn people into ghosts by throwing ghost arrows
  • Candle: A version of the Torch of Skies

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