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In the Alros and The Torch of Skies game, the Ghosts are spectral spirits, generally people that have been enchanted by Fairy Hekate.

Ghosts are made of Moonlight, and they are devotee of the Moon and Night. They have snakes for a hair, and they feed on the spirits of the mortals, generally by inhaling their breath when they are sleeping, in a lunar ritual that cause terrible nightmares to the victims. In the forest, at night, they can also attack awake people, making them to sleep with strange spells to procede to drink their breath (and spirit). The nightmares occurs because some of the spectral breathe of the ghost enters into the victim and takes the place of part of the original spirits, causing a terrible spiritual harm. Recurrent victims will become ghosts too after some attacks.

Ghosts can take shapes of horses, owls and snakes.

Unlike evil beings, ghosts and ghost sprites do not want to hurt their victims. They think they are blessing them when they drink their spirits, only leaving Moonlight instead. They think their victims will be pleased to get consecrate to the Queen Moon, indeed.

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