• I wish we could be together forever
  • I wish that too
  • Well, then, In the name of the Earth, the River and the Fire, I will grant your wish. You will never get apart, you will be like an unique being.

Vines began to sprout from the flower, wrapping around the kids and enclosing them in a large cocoon of vines and leaves. The kids did not resist, even when the vines started to digging into their flesh and making strange transformations on them. But soon the vines had invaded all their flesh, becoming so painful that they prefered to try to sleep.

When the kids woke up and broke away through the coccon they discovered with horror that they have being turned into a large serpent of two necks, each neck leading to a human trunk. Their human trunks! They were now two adults from the waist up, but a single serpent from the waist down.

  • That was what the fairy meant when she said we will be like an unique being! Oh, Lidia, we are a monster!
  • So what? We are together, and no one can take me away from you now

Now Herm breathed fire and Lidia breathed water. They were like a dragon of some sort.

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