Lord Dim at Chaos Mode

In the Alros and The Torch of Skies game, Lord Dim is evil villain that wants to destroy the land of Dream of Light. He is a big fan of Ke$ha.


Lord Dim was a powerful wizard that wanted even more power, so he decided to find in the Dark Arts all the power he was looking for. He got it, but he was really angry when he discovered, yes, he was strong, but his power was bothing compared to the one of the Queen Moon and the other fairies. So he decided to get rid of the fairies.


At the beginnig of the game, it is know Dim has killed the sacred knights that protected the sacred altars of the sky, and he put out the fires. Now the day will never start until the fires burn again, and it is upon Alros to light them up.


At the end of the end, after a long travel, Alros finally has lighted up the altars. Right after he lights up the fire of the Altar of Dawn, Dim appears and the final battel begins. Now Alros is a powerful god: he has received bless of all the fires he has lighted up, and the power of the fairies dwells on him (even some fairies dweels on him, see Red Bush).

Finally, the Fairy Solfa grants him the fire, light and breath of the King Sun that she had been keeping, and Alros is turned into a fiery half-boy half-eagle being. Now he is not only a sacred wind, but a solar god. See God Alros.

Boy mode

Dim appears as a boy, very similar to Alros when he was a normal boy. The boy has a Dark Orb in his hands. A dialog begins:

  • Lord Dim: Well, now you are truly a god. It is suprising to see how a little boy like you destroyed all my monsters and servants. Well, see, I am a boy, just like you. May be being a boy I can finally defeat you.

Suddenly Lord Dim attacks Alros with a shoot of dark energy from his orb. If the player was not prepared, it will be a hurtful attack. The God Alreos is turned back to his sacred wind state.

The Fairies say "That orb! His dark power resides within that orb, you have to destroy it".

If the player was able to miss the attack of Dim and he remains as a god, a simple "Breath of Dragon" attack will defeat the boy-mode Dim. Otherwise, the player will have to manage to shot Dim five times with lightstorms before being shot again by the dark energy.

Chaos mode

After the defeat of Boy-Mode Dim, the Sun finally rises and the Fairy Brilea comes back to Alros.

  • Brilea: Oh, look at you. Now you are a hero, your reward will be really pleasant. You will live with me and the fairies in the palace of the Sun, where you will be a solar god, and the fire of your life will burn forever.

Brilea puts her hand over the Alros head. If he was a sacred wind, he is turned into a solar god again. Any damage is cured.

Suddenly, the Sun disappears again. Everyone wonders what is happening, and Dim comes back again, now in Chaos Mode: He is a horrible zombie surrounded by tormented souls.

A black Sun has risen up and it is blocking the light of the Sun.

  • Lord Dim: Alros, it has not ended yet. May be you have defeated my boy mode, but you did not destroy my orb. And now, thanks to its dark power, I have called upon the demonish Dark Sun. I was not thinking I was needing to invoke that horrible thing, that is a dark hole that sucks life and light. Yes, it is the opposite to the life-bringer and light-giver Sun that you all venerate. It will destroy this whole land, there is no way to stop it. I wanted to govern you all, you know, but as I can not do that thanks to Alros, well, I will destroy you with the demon of Dark Sun. What will you do now? At any moment the Dark Sun will have sucked out all your beloved fire.
  • Alros: I will defeat you...
  • Lord Dim: Will you defeat me? I believe you, but... after that... What? Look at your dear fairies, their fires are extinguishing now, the Dark Sun is sucking their life
  • Fairy Aurora: Our beloved Sun will save us, You will see... He is by far more powerful than your evil demon sun.

At the horizon, it is possible to notice the fight between light and darkness. The nine fairies join together around Alros, and they all become a bright litte star that closes to Alros and enters into his heart.

  • Alros: Oh, Aurora, oh, my beloved fairies! What are you doing! I can feel the fire of thousand suns burning inside me now! Oh, you have bringing me all your power to defeat this fiend, and I will not fail you.

A new battle: Now Alros's power is nine times higher. He is not a god anymore, he is a god and nine goddesses, he just looks like an ardent winged flame. When he attacks the attack is repeated nine times.

  • Lord Dim: Oh, you have gotten the fire of nine fairies. Look at you, you are not even a boy now, you are just light and flames. Well, I have to inform you I have gotten the six tormented souls of the darkness, and I am sure they are more powerful than your stupid fairies.

It is an excellent moment to defeat Lord Dim at Chaos mode. It is hard to control the burning Alros, but if the player is fast Dim will be defeated very soon. His tormented souls attack are nothing compared to the nine flames of the fairies. But the Dark Sun will be sucking out power from Alros, and if the player was not quick enough, Alros will be a simple god very soon, even although he still has the living breath of the fairies within his chest.

If the player failed to defeat Chaos mode Dim before running out of the fire of the fairies, they fight will continue.

  • Lord Dim: Oh, very well, very well. But if you did not notice it you did not destroy me. Excuse, now it is my turn.

Now the six-tormented-souls attacks of Dim are very hurtful for Alros, who continues losing energy. However, even Dim is losing energy due to the dark Sun, and the player has a chance to defeat him, breaking up the orb.

Eternal Darkness mode

After the defeat of Chaos mode Dim, the orb is broken, and the evilest darkness escapes from the orb.

  • Lord Dim: No! You fool! Now the evilest darkness escaped! The Universe is doomed! Is doomed!

The darkness wraps around Lord Dim, who is crying and yelling while the darkness turns him into a shapeless shadow. On the sky, Sun has defeated Dark Sun, but the day has not been saved yet. Sun, despite being weak due to his fight against the Dark Sun, gives a lot of sacred fire to Alros, who is turned again into a ball of fire. Now his flame are not nine but twelve, and they are by far brighter and more ardent.

Alros can hear the voices of her fairies singing from inside the most sacred songs to keep burning stronger and stronger his fire. Now it is the final combat.

Alros attacks with bursts of flames while the darkness attacks with its "Shadows of the Sixth Doom" attack. The player has to be able to control the burning Alros, to miss the "Shadows of the Sixth Doom" attack (three hits are enough to put out the fire of Alros and turn him back to the sacred wind state), and to hit the darkness with the "Stellar Nova" bursts.

The fight is not really long, and after few hits the darkness has to escape (note it has not been destroyed).

Now the day has been finally saved, at least by now. The victory is celebrated at the Temple of Nike. Everything seems fine...or does it. Lord Dim will come back to exact his revenge.

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