Gnome Knocker is divided into several smaller stages, each dubbed an Episode. Each episode is further divided into two main levels and a boss level. Levels have varying length and difficulty, but the main objective is always to obtain the cake at the end. There may be sub-objectives, but the cake is always at the end of it. One way or another, you must get to the cake. Cake. Cake. Cake. I 'll write up descriptions for all of the levels.


While looking through a strange book, Jimmy or Serenity (whichever one you picked) read some lines and all the of the lawn gnomes come alive. In panic Jimmy/Serenity furiously read throughout the book and bring several more gnomes alive. One of them is Gnoman Biglie, and he's the King of the Gnomes. He steals the book and runs away. Through the attic window, Jimmy/Serenity see a bunch of living lawn gnomes destroying the yard. Of course, Mom is furious and wants both Jimmy and Serenity to clean it up. The one you didn't pick to play is furious and tells you to pick it up all by yourself. You claim that you can't do it all by yourself, and when a living lawn gnome runs through the yard, the one you didn't pick claims that they'll help you (all s/he really does is tell you the controls). The game begins.

Episode 1

Part I: The Backyard

You start in your backyard and Mom tells you to clean up all the mess. She wants you to mow the lawn, take out the trash, weed the garden, pick up your toys, and find out where her gnomes went. However, she does promise you that there will be a cake when you're done. Jimmy/Serenity aids you by telling you how to use a lawn mower/trash bag, not only to do the chores, but to fight the gnomes as well. The only food that appears here are red apples. The only enemy you face are plain living lawn gnomes. It's basically a tutorial to tell you how to use tools and how to fight gnomes. When you've done a satisfactory job, Mom comes out and places the cake on the porch (she doesn't believe you about the gnomes, however).

Part II: The Picnic

This time you're picnicking in the park, and the gnomes are sending another attack your way. Jimmy/Serenity doesn't want Mom or Dad to see them, or else they'll think that they were somehow linked to the gnomes running rampant. Meanwhile, you are hit with a spell by a Wizard Gnome. This spell does not harm you, but it allows you to absorb the powers of food. In this tutorial, you fight more living lawn gnomes, but you use the power of food instead of yard tools to destroy them. All the while you follow the Wizard Gnome. When you come full circle, your Mom will let you have the cake on the table.

Boss 1: Gildamesh

The Wizard Gnome casts a spell on your cake and it follows him to his small hut. When you follow him inside, he makes the cake fly high into the air. Next, Jimmy/Serenity bursts in through the door, and the Wizard Gnome casts a spell on him/her, tossing them out of the room. The door is then locked. You ask who he is, and the Gnome Wizard reveals himself as Gildamesh, one of the Gnomish Spirits released from the book. He says that he's happy to have his freedom and does not want to go back into the book. When you ask him what he means, he just cackles and the battle begins. This boss is relatively simply. Gildamesh shoots red orbs of light at you. They do small bits of damage. Just dodge them, go around Gildamesh's furniture, and whack him with any weapon or food you have happened to have gathered. When you have defeated him, GIldamesh will jump out the window, and the cake will fall to the table.

Episode 2

Part I: School

Jimmy/Serenity suggests that you might be able to find another copy of the book that the gnomes stole in the school library, and you should check it out the next time you go. But, when Jimmy/Serenity make it to school the next day, everything is infested with gnomes! More living lawn gnomes are causing chaos all over the school. You must stop them and save the students. But more importantly, you need to get access into the library, which the gnomes have locked. If you make it to the cafeteria, you can get some cake that they have available and win the level. (Apparently, the school librarian is hiding out there).

Part II: Library

In the library, things are not good at all. Living lawn gnomes are tearing up books left and right. Furniture is being broken. Windows are being smashed. All in the middle of this, Professor G. Gnome introduces himself with a pinch of magic, turning the library into a huge labyrinth. Then he disappears, and a few living lawn gnomes decide to go after you. This level is pretty big because the library is now three stories, and it is a labyrinth. Just keep a cool head about you and you should be fine. In order to win this level, you've not only got to find the Gnomonicon (book), but you must find the librarian's secret stash of cake.

Boss 2: Professor G. Gnome

At the end of the library labyrinth, you confront the Professor in a reading room. Professor G. Gnome says that he's not afraid of you, even if you do have the book that could cast him away forever because you do not know how to use it. So, he uses some of his magic and makes some books some alive. The books will attack you while the Professor tries to run away into a new part of the labyrinth. Ignore the books and run after him, and he'll start casting some red orbs at you. Just keep following him until you finally catch up, dodging all books and orbs. When you catch him, the library becomes normal once again. Jimmy/Serenity enters, and helps you find the passage in the Gnomonicon that sends Gnome Wizards back into the book. Then Jimmy/Serenity decides that you'd better go after Gildamesh again.

Episode 3

Part I: Giant Kitchen

While you and Jimmy/Serenity plot the "safety" of your house, a gnome replaces your lemonade with a shrinking potion! Instantly you begin to shrink. You get smaller and smaller until you are no bigger than a fly. Jimmy/Serenity freaks out and runs outside. In this level, you are in a giant version of the house's kitchen. There's a giant lawn gnome in the area which you cannot fight, but it can easily squash you. So, you'll need to stay to the sides and begin climbing on furniture. Get to the top of a cupboard, and there'll be a mouse hole there. Enter it and find some cake on the table. In this level, besides the giant gnome you'll also fight mice, spiders, and flies (which can be formidable foes).

Part II: Giant Living Room

Inside the mouse hole you find a strange small man who calls himself "The Alchemist." He says he knows how to make you grow big again, but needs some ingredients which can be found in your living room. Exit the mouse hole through the opposite side and you'll be in a giant version of your living room with not one, but two giant gnomes rummaging around. On top of the entertainment center you exit on are two paper airplanes. Take one and you'll soar right to the floor. Go around the room collecting the ingredients, fighting off all of bugs, and make it back up to the Alchemist's mouse hole. He'll reward you with a cake for all of your efforts.

Boss 3: The Alchemist

The Alchemist says that he is might grateful for you gathering the ingredients for him. When you try to argue, he states that he's so desperate to be big again that he'd do anything, even trick little children. Then the battle begins. The Alchemist throws potions at you. The green one poisons you. The red one slows you down. The yellow one reverses your controls. And the blue one dazes you. The way to beat him is to throw the potions back at him. Unfortunately, they'll simply hit him (not do any of the other effects). Afterwords, he drinks an orange potion and gets super powerful. He throws potions at you rapidly, and there is no way to hit them back. Slide under the arc of potions and simply begin hitting him. Eventually you will knock him back and a cake will fall off of his cupboard. When you eat it, you will try and grab the growth potion, but he drinks it... inside the mouse hole. He begins to grow and grow, and you run and grab the other paper airplane before you get crushed.

Episode 4

Part I: Giant Backyard

Your paper airplane flies through the yard and crashes into the middle of the backyard. Over your head, a giant lawn gnome is striding. You'll have to be careful not to get crushed. There are many more varieties of giant bugs this time around though. Besides the spiders and flies, there are also ants, bees, beetles, praying mantises, wasps, centipedes, and scorpions. What you do not run from, you will probably need to picnic power-up or two. (Strangely, there seems to be shrunked food as well). The whole yard is a maze of jungle, but whenever you look up (provided there is no roof overhead) you will see a giant tree. Head towards that. When you get to the front of the tree, you see that the doll cake of Serenity has fallen to the floor. Yes, you can eat that.

Part II: Gildamesh's Tree

You must climb the tree! This will aid birds to arsenal of enemies, and they are tough! At least you no longer have to worry about giant lawn gnomes. Instead, you've got to worry about going through a bee hive, entering sappy holes on the tree, climbing to the top, etc. It is a long and dangerous climb, but I'm sure you can do it. Anyway, when you do finally get to the top, enter a hole and you'll fall onto a bowl of geletin. It seems that whoever lived here was preparing for dinner. And look, they left a cake there for anyone to take! (That means you).

Boss 4: Giant Gildamesh

If you thought he was dangerous before (which is odd), then he's incredibly dangerous now. Gildamesh has mixed feelings about seeing you. He's not happy that you broke into his home or sent Professor G. Gnome back into the book, but he's excited that you're so tiny, and can be crushed easily. And so the battle begins. He'll just keep trying to squash you with his fists. Climb a lemon and the juice will squirt into his eye. In pain, he'll crush the table and you'll fall to the floor. Then he'll blindly start running around the room, trying to stomp on you. Then you'll hear the Alchemist call to you. When you make it to him, he states that he likes being small much more than he likes being big and gives you what's left of his Growth Potion. Drink it up and you'll be full sized again. Now Gildamesh is anything but happy. He'll start to blindly cast spells. Just grab him, and he's as good as back in the book. Suddenly Jimmy/Serenity runs into the room, ready to face off with Gildamesh themself. A good ending, but the adventure is not over yet (just this episode).

Episode 5

Part I: Camping Trip

The leaves are falling and it's autumn. It's time for your family's annual camping trip. You're taking out in the middle of the woods and your dad hands you a rake. Well, it turns out raking up leaves for your site. Some new, larger gnomes are around here and they love causing chaos. Your dad sees that all of the mess, and he'll offer you and Jimmy/Serenity a piece of cake if you can not only find out what's going on, but if you could stop it too. Here you go around the forest and must fight off Wood Gnomes, bigger and tougher version of Lawn Gnomes. You've also got a lot of raking to do. Oh, and don't get lost.

Part II: The River

When you finally earn the cake, Dad tells you that you need water. So you head to the river where a Forest Gnome knocks you down and the Gnomonicon falls into the water. You need to chase after it, jumping across rocks, and avoiding Wood Gnomes. If you take too long, then you'll lose this level. When you finally get the book, you return to the site where there's another cake waiting for you.

Boss 5: Forrest Gnome

When you eat the cake, you see that Dad and Jimmy/Serenity have gone missing. Out of the woods, comes a new boss. He's an old gnome weilding a cane and completely blind. He states that his name is Forrest Gnome and that he wants you out of his woods. He says that they are a peaceful place, and he wants you to leave. He also says that your father and your brother/sister will not be returned to you until you agree to go, which of course you don't. And so the battle begins. Even though Forrest is blind, he's hearing is excellent. Any time you step on leaves, he'll hear you and come running after. Stay off leaves and stay away from Forrest. He'll blast you with his cane. Just sneak up on him really. Grab him and Forrest will be absorbed back into the book. When he's been defeated, your Dad and brother/sister will walk out of the woods. Dad gives you some cake, and grumbles about how you're never going there again.

Episode 6

Part I: Trick-or-Treat

Yeah, it's finally Halloween Night, but unfortunately the gnomes have not been stopped. Actually, looking out the window you can see a bunch of Gnomes in costumes terrorizing the trick-or-treaters. You need to go out there, eat a bunch of halloween-themed power-ups, and beat a bunch of gnomes in costumes. These costumed gnomes come in several varieties: Vampire Gnomes (Which can turn into a bat and fly), Skeleton Gnomes (which break down into a pile of bones a rebuild themselves when hit), and Frankengnomes (Really strong, but stupid gnomes). Anyway, stop as many gnomes as you can while trick-or-treating. Eventually you'll come up to a spooky old mansion where a nice cake has been layed out in the floor.

Part II: Spooky Old House

The mansion is incredibly scary, but not only that--it's filled with traps! Be careful as you dodge swinging pendalums, spike traps, and a few new varieties of gnomes. Besides the Vampire gnomes, the Skeleton Gnomes, and Frankengnomes you must fight Ghost Gnomes, Zombie Gnomes (strong as Frankengnome, but cannot die), and Gnome Riders (gnomes on giant spiders). In the bedroom, there's a cake waiting for you on the table.

Boss 6: Psycho Gnome

As soon as you take the cake, a crazy gnome pops out of the closet with a chainsaw and starts running after you. You must fight him without getting too close, or it's an instant game over. The Psycho Gnome does seem to have a craving for Halloween candy. Use it as bait, and then grab the Psycho Gnome. He'll break away, but do it a couple more times and he's back in the book too. It's a lot more difficult than it seems though due to the fact that the bedroom isn't all that large and the Psycho Gnome is hard to get around.

Episode 7

Part I: Winter Wonderland

It's snowing pretty fierce outside and Mom wants you to shovel because Dad's got a bad back. However, a few gnomes in blue and white clothing are assaulting your house with snow balls. Go out there and fight them at their own game. Fight ice with ice. These are ice gnomes and they don't play nice. They'll double team on you and chuck snowballs at you until you fall over, and then they'll do their average gnome attacks on you. When you're done shoveling up and you've gotten rid of all the gnomes, your Dad comes home and is so grateful that he gives you a whole cake. Unfortunately, your job is not down.

Part II: Forts on Ice

Jimmy/Serenity has built a fort out of snow, but the gnomes keep assaulting it. S/he wants you to stop them by putting the ice gnome's leader back inside the book. In the dead of night you go to Jimmy/Serenity's snow fort (s/he's a really good builder!). Anyway, you need to run across the battlefield, dodging Ice Gnomes in attempt to get to their fort. Once you finally do get to their fort, the Ice Gnomes get meaner. They'll start using shovels to propel snowballs at you, which really hurts. Anyway, get to the Panic Room and there'll be a nice cake there for you.

Boss 7: General Gnome-a-tode

This new boss doesn't play around. He holds a giant bazooka, loaded with snow. And he won't hesitate on firing at you. In about two hits you're gone. When he runs out of ammo, he'll begin to reload. That's your chance to attack him! When you attack him, he'll call in two Ice Gnomes and keep reloading. You don't have to defeat the Ice Gnomes for Gnome-a-tode to start firing again. Do this five times and you can easily grab ahold of the General. Once you're done, Serenity hands you a nice cake as a reward and you notice that the bazooka that the General was firing came from Gnome City, USA. Jimmy/Serenity decides that you'd better go there.

Episode 8

Part I: Gnome City

The real challenge begins. In Gnome City, everything is a huge Metropolis and you're not fighting your average Lawn Gnome. There are two brands of gnome here. The citizen of Gnome City is a Mischeif Gnome, a gnome with the ability to become invisible. The tougher gnomes here are Ninja Gnomes, which weild samurai swords and are not easy whatsoever to fight. It's better to avoid than to fight. Anyway, get to the giant skyscraper in the middle of the city and enter. In the reception room there's a cake.

Part II: Gnome Tower

The Gnome Tower is a giant factory. And you need to make it to the top. This is basically a gnomish weapon factory. You'll see many lifts and conveyor belts in this level, along with one of the toughest enemies in the game: Cyborg Gnomes. They are really strong, and they've got jetpacks. They also like to catapult into you. They do have a major weakness, however: water. Squirt them and they're dead. Let them get close, and you're dead. When you get to the elevator on the top floor, there'll be a cake waiting for you. When the elevator begins falling, it stops on the next floor, a giant cyborg gnome enters, the door closes, and another boss battle begins.

Boss 8: Mr. Gnomoto

Imagine a cyborg fight in a small enclosed space. Now imagine that he's immune to all damage. That's close to the fight with Mr. Gnomoto. There is no way to kill Mr. Gnomoto. How do you win this battle, you might ask. The answer is simple. Survive until the elevator gets to the bottom in 2 minutes, 30 seconds. The shock will knock Mr. Gnomoto down permanently and you can cast him into the book. Surviving is that hard part, but just keep low and you'll be fine.

Episode 9

Part I: The Gnome Mines

Wow, that elevator cast you all the way down into mines miles beneath the surface. Veins of lava run through caves with sparkling gems. Bats hang on the walls, and the tunnels go on forever. Down here you will face two kinds of Gnomes: Rock Gnomes, which are just gnome miners that attack with pickaxes, and Fire Gnomes. When Gnomes fall into the lava, they pop out on fire and begin running around uncontrollably. They won't attack you, but if you squirt them they'll become normal Rock Gnomes. Anyway, follow the tunnels upwards and you'll eventually come out on a mountain and there's some cake waiting for you at the door.

Part II: Mt. Gnome

Welcome to Mt. Gnome, a huge mountain with a castle on the top and Gnome City in the distance. This level is incredibly difficult as you must race to the top without being crushed by falling boulders. Once again, you face Rock Gnomes, but to aid them are Gnome Dogfighters: Gnomes that fly planes and shoot with machine guns. You need to make it up to the castle. There's a cake waiting for you on the drawbridge.

Boss 9: The Black Knight Gnome

When you grab the cake, the drawbridge closes and a large gnome in black armor, weiliding a sword is coming after you and he's tough. From the towers, Gnome Archers fire down arrows on your head. These cannot hurt the Black Knight Gnome. How do you defeat him? Simple, get him to run into the moat a few times. In the moat, a few crocs will nip at him and he'll pop out with a little less armor. When all of his armor is gone, the Gnome Archers will start to hurt him. When he falls backwards, its time to read from the Gnomonicon, and away he goes. A cake is left in his place...

Final Episode

Part I: The Gnome Castle

Wow, this place is huge! Here you must fight fearsome Gnome Knights that can only be killed by falling in holes, Gnome Archers which always like to hide on you, and Gnome Wizards who are tough as Gildamesh was. Just stay cool, avoid the traps, and make it to the entrance of the Tallest Tower at the end of the castle. There's a cake at the entrance.

Part II: The Tallest Tower

It's another tower climber, but this one's interesting because Gnoman Biglie is waiting for you on the first floor of it. He summons up one Lawn Gnome. When you kill it, the door to the next floor opens up. In the window, Gnoman Biglie shoots a fire-ball through the window. On floor two, you fight two Lawn Gnomes. Then you face two fireballs. Then you fight three Lawn Gnomes. Then you dodge three fire-balls. Next you fight a Forest Gnome, and two Lawn Gnomes. Four fireballs (etc.). Three Forest Gnomes. Three Forest Gnomes and two Frankengnomes. Three Frankengnomes and two Vampire Gnomes. Three Vampire Gnomes, two Frankengnomes, and a Ghost Gnome. Three Ice Gnomes, and two Ghost Gnomes. Three Ninja Gnomes, and three Ice Gnomes. Then Three Ninja Gnomes, and Three Mischeif Gnomes. Next comes Seven Mischeif Gnomes. Four Mischeif Gnomes, and Three Cyborg Gnomes. Four Cyborg Gnomes and Three Knight Gnomes. Three Knight Gnomes and Four Wizard Gnomes. Four Wizard Gnomes and three Gnome Archers. Finally, you face off against Seven Gnome Wizards. And at last, there's a cake on the roof.

Final Boss: Gnoman Biglie

Well, let's just say that Gnoman isn't too happy with you. He wants to destroy you once and for all, and he decides to make his fight as hard as possible. With one final shreik a purplish mist surrounds the roof of the tower and you are completely seperate from the world. It starts off simple enough. Gnoman shoots fireballs at you. You can dodge behind some bricks if you want. Next he summons up some Gnome Knights. He's foolish enough the shoot fireballs at the same time as well. Arrows won't hurt a Gnome Knight in his armor, but fireballs will. When they're all dead, Gnoman starts shooting you with lightning bolts. Dodge them at all cost, because it doesn't take much for them to defeat you. When that's done, he'll lift all of the bricks off of the tower and start shooting them at you. When you hit him now, all of the remaining bricks will fall on his head and he'll go crashing back onto the tower. This causes a giant hole and he falls to the floor. Jump down there, and he makes four copies of himself. They'll all shoot fireballs at you, but if you hit a fake one it'll disappear. If you hit the real one though, he'll start charging at you ala Cyborg Gnome. When he crashes into the walls a few too many times, he'll summon four more copies. Do this twice more and he'll do the brick thing with the remaining pieces of the floor. When he falls down, he gets really angry and just starts casting some random spells, and summoning random monsters. This is usually difficult, but when it's done the brick thing happens. Hit him and he'll fall off the tower, but he says that he's bringing it with him. You've got to make it to the bottom of the tower before it goes boom. At the bottom, the tower crushes the castle and Gnoman couldn't be more furious. He turns invisible and starts attacking you like a Mischeif Gnome. You can his shimmer though, and hit him easily. Hit him a few times and he'll be down for the count. Read the Gnomonicon and he's gone.

Ending Cutscene

When all is said and done, you throw the book off of the castle and it lands in the woods, hopefully never to be seen again. At the bottom of the mountain Jimmy/Serenity running down a long dusty trail, with the Gnome City in the background. You claim that you've won, and Gnoman is back in the book. Jimmy/Serenity asks where the book is. You state that it's never to be seen again. Jimmy/Serenity says "Yeah, but we've got a lot of cleaning up to do." Then they both laugh as they walk down the trail to the Gnome City. Meanwhile, an old hand reaches over the battered Gnomonicon book. The End.

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