Lachinda is a planet located in the Artoid System in the eastern half of the Patromic galaxy. Lachinda has had a long history of wars and conflicts within itself and with its neighbours. Lachinda is home to a sapient reptilian species called the Lachindeutsches in their own language, which is identical to Earthling German, coincidentally.

Lachinda was controlled by a multitude of governments which all began with the Acratoric Wicinga Invasions. The Wicings were a race from Acrator of fierce, cold-blooded warriors who enthralled everyone unlucky enough to be in their path. The native species were completely assimilated and soon they became the Lachindans. The Acratorians were then conquered by the Atrian Imperial Army in 1011 BBL by Lucius Cornus Lachindanus.

The Atrians "civilised" the Lachindans, teaching them Lingua Atriana, mathematics, science, and their monks preached the newly-founded religion of Jescism. Jescisus took the hearts of the Lachindans and the control was complete. However in 993 BBL, when the Great Fire War ended in Galaxa's utter defeat, the Lachindans soon took over the Galaxan regions of the Vilnian Peninsula, Espadol, and the Cratian Plains which were all important parts of the Atrian Imperium. However three hundred years later these Lachindans had been repatriated into their fatherland and these regions came back under Galaxan jurisdiction.

Lachinda was renamed the Holy Atrian Empire and its leader was the Prefectus Secundus who was the primary enemy of the Atrian Prefectus Primus. The Holy Atrian Empire was also hit by the Dark Sickness which was a mysterious plague originating from the Zudaarian System. Many poor and uneducated Lachindans believed it was the small religious minority group called the Ivrites who had poisoned them so they had a massive genocide. In 435 BBL, the plague had ended.

Four hundred years later, Lachinda's short-lived independence had disappeared when the His Imperial Kordatan Majesty's Expeditionary Force marched in during the Battle of Laran to oust the puppet state there. Laran had the Lachindans as his greatest ally and when the Kordatans toppled their communist regime, he became very angry, thus igniting the Battle of Laran. After this, Lachinda became really poor and it took nine hundred years to turn back to its former glory.

The Trench Wars which started when a Turbanian assassinated the Austraterranean prince, Wilhelm Benedikt von Blattenberg. Lachinda was once again left in rubble and this lead to the Ultra Reich conquering the government. This new government resumed the killing of Ivrites and waged war against Galaxa and Kordata. In 1004 ABL, the Reich and her Al-Hattalian Sultanate ally had both fallen to the Allied powers.

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