Kuuhaku Kakaisha: Monogatari no sono Faita (translating as Space Destroyer: Legend of the Fighter) is a 2D shooter game that I made made up for Japanese video arcades.


A young boy named Toshiro Yamagoochi discovers an alien spacecraft called the Niiro Doragon just outside of Tokyo and has a night out flying with it and having some fun. But evil grey alien creatures called Gurei have invented a ultra bioweapon that can mutate all life on Earth by the end of summer. Now Toshira must pilot the Niiro Doragon and battle the evil alien forces that threatens humanity's safety.


Just like any other 2D shooter you move left to right and shoot enemies sometimes getting powerful power-ups but there is also a load of innovations. Here is a comeplate list of innovations:

  • You can upgrade power-ups to increase the effects of the power-up to powerful praportions.
  • Weapons not only include lasers but also include missiles, grenades, bombs, etc.
  • Another new feature is the Extendo Arm witch can grab enemies and use them as projectiles.

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