In the Alros and The Torch of Skies game, the Kracnum is one of the deranged mutant aracno-zombi goons that wants to destroy to Alros. He is the very first majot enemy Alros has to confront, right after he gets out of Great Temple of the Fairies.


  • Kracnum: Oh, what is that sounds? They are fairies! I can hear them to sing with joy... Oh, what a naughty sound... stupid chorus of fairies.But... Why they are singing! The fire of the altar of the forest is off, they have no reason to celebrate. Those hymns and songs come from the temple, I will have to check. It is strange, the fire is out, but the environment is getting hotter.. Rats!!! I love the coldness

Kracnum enters the temple, he can see dozens of fairies singing around Alros, blessing him and pleasing him with her beautiful voice. He looks ecstatic, he dances around the fire, inspired by the fairies.

  • Kracnum: The fire is burning! It is bad... It is so bad... I will have to call to my master, but... If he discovers I failed, that the fie of this altar is burning, he will destroy me... No, I will handle it.

Alros is being pulled away from the temple by the little fairies, they want to take him to the fountain of Bacchus, they promise there will be a great celebration to honor Alros. But suddenly, they notice somebody is lloking at them. There is Kracnum.

  • Little Fairy: Kracnum! I thought you left forever. You are not welcomed, you are a cruel guy who enjoys killing our beloved deers and rabbits. Go away! Or Alros, our hero, will destroy you. He is a god! He just lighted up the fire of the altar.
  • Alros (who is still a boy): Well, I am not a god, I am just a boy...
  • Kracnum: Then will you destroy me? You will see! Kracnum! Killer mode!
  • Alros: I did not say that! They were the fairies!

Kracnum goes killer mode.

  • Alros: Fairies! What are you done! What am I supposed to do now!
  • Little Fairy: But you are a hero...
  • Alros: I am as hero as dead. I do not how to fight.
  • Fairies: But you will! You will fight like a lion!

The fairies come together around Alros, and by a fiery spell they turn him into a ardent lion. It is the very first transformation of Alros, and now the player has to find quickly how to control the lion, as the buttons are very distinctly used at this mode.

The lion can throw fireballs, and after a few ones Kracnum will be defeated.

  • Alros (turning into a boy again): Oh, my head! Please do not do that again

The fairies smile, they are really happy, and they quickly take him to the Fountain of Bacchus, where they will celebrate and any damage that Alros would have suffered will be cancelled.

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