Torch Maiden

It is a collaborative maze, you can expand it as you wish.

The Claw of flames was fatal for the dark being you confronted. The light of the fire quickly vanished his dark shadows and evilness. You continue your way until you get into the little town you were able to spot from the mountains.

There must be people, you can hear horses neighing... indeed, you only hear horses neighing.

Suddenly, a strange white horse of fiery neigh and ardent eyes come before you. It looks like he invites you to ride him.

The horse even has a crown, it must be a king or god among horses, and this has to be his kingdom.

Besides it looks like the horse likes you, it is strange, when he comes nearer, you can feel his force of sacred stallion entering into your body, and restoring the energy you lose in your battel against the dark beings of shadows.

You are about ecstatic, you can feel the breath of the horse becoming one with yours, and you finally mount the horse, and he begins to run like a crazy stallion. You try to control it, but the horse is the one who finally domains you. It is some sort of divine horse, you can notice, and you also notice the horse wants to take you to another town.

What will you let to the horses to take you to the other town?

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