Kingdom Krash is going to be an free MMORPG game. You have to first build a kingdom, starting out with a castle, 10,000 coins, 10 gems and 100 power. Coins and gems can be used to buy buildings, but gems can also speed things up, like building time. On the downside, you can only get gems by getting 3 gems in a row (can win 1, 2 or 3 gems) in the daily slot machine, complete an extreme difficulty quest, upgrade your castle (costs a lot) or buying them with real money. You have to have power to claim unclaimed land. 1 square meter=1 power. You get 5 power every day and will add 5 each time if you play consecutively up to a week. Then it will restart to 5. You can also buy power at the store. Another way to get land is to raid someone else's land and win. You can only raid online people with the same or higher level than you. However, if you raid someone who is a higher level than you, they can raid your kingdom back. Also, if you are the highest level in the game, there will be CPUs that will try to fight you. If a person plays the game, and he is the first person to play ever or no one is online, then there will be CPUs as well to fight you.

Please look at my wikia about this game:


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