Killscreen Initiated is my video game idea based on games with what are known as 'killscreens'. Killscreens are just what they sound like, a dead screen, as a result of beating a video game that is not meant to be beaten, like the old 1980's games; Galaga, Pacman, Dig-Dug, etc!

Killscreen Initiated would be a game that resembles a killscreen, except the screen would be a playable game! This is only a game mechanic, as it can be developed into many different games. Killscreen Initiated would be a game where you make your own levels, and you add your own rules as to how to win them. It would be very flexable, and it would have to be easy to learn.

To start off with, there would be premade levels, where each level would have it's own purpose, such as destroying everything in your path, before it destroys you; or you could create as many sprites as you possibly can before they all destroy you!

This game may be developed without restriction, as long as credit goes to my name, Joseph D. Smith.

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