Kanae is an action/adventure game that features unbelievable new worlds, surprises in the storyline, and a real-time battle system with seemingly endless attacks and combos.


14-year-old Nicholas is an extremely bright young man, but stopped attending school after his parents were killed by a man Nicholas has never seen before. Ever since, he has been working on a way to resurrect his parents. He hacked into the government's files to search for any technology that could help him, and got sidetracked. He looked at his family files and discovered that he had an older sister. Her name was Kanae, and she died on the day before the birth of Nicholas. Nicholas is now determined to resurrect his parents and sister. To do so, he creates an mmo as a cover for his project. On a certain level, in a locked room, he has transferred the minds of his dead relatives via microchip (the government had them, but the secuirity was easy to hack) and placed them in new bodies. The bodies are functioning perfectly in the virtual world, but as smart as Nicholas is, he can't communicate with them from outside. Nicholas must enter the game, get to level 100, and unlock the door to see his family. But will he make it? If he does, will he finish level 100, or just level 1?

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