This is set in the year 2011 the 2012 prediction of the end of the world was true and will start in 1 year a early meteour crash into Los Angles your hometown and wreaked half the city you were 2 meters away from if when it landed you were lucky this time the next day you feel were and wake up with lightning powers you are given a choice to help or protect the world from the 2012 prediction that is the story. The gameplay is set in 2011 Los Angles you play Jack Blain in a free roam game like Red Dead Redemtion you can travel to Las Vegas San Fransisco and Wasington DC by plane you will do at least 30 missions in each of these citys when you do the mission you can do them the good way or the bad way. You can upgrade the power you have to unlock new moves to help you transportation can be used by motorbike car or by using your lightning powers but you have to unlock that.Your moves are basic at the start like a pounch and kick and a lightning bolt and ground shock but you can unlock more powerful moves like lightning ground whick send a huge lightning amount throught the ground and Verniceo which is a huge ball of energy and will destroy and oppenent in 1 shot but it is the last move to unlock.HUD incluades health energy and money. money to buy new clothes and guns if you ever run out of energy. oppentens are guys who think you are bad just average guys on the street but the boss at the end of the game is a monster from the meteor that crash in Los Angles if you die you go back to the start of the mission. This is not the only Jack Blain game. The next one will be Jack Blain: 2012 start and Jack Blain End Of The World which is when the world is about to gone from the apoclaspe set set near the end

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