Alros Riding

Alros riding his cow.

In the Alros and The Torch of Skies game, Irobe is the cow of Alros. She was a gift from Fairy Brilea to let Alros to get quickly to the temples. Furthermore, Ibore gives honey with milk with to Alros.


She is gotten by Alro when Brilea, transformed into star, sends her sacred light over a bee, trasnforming it into a cow.

Healing Power

Irobe needs to eat at least 25 bushes to give to Alros her honey with milk. When she has eaten enough, the honey begins to flow from her udder. After Alros drinks from her udder the honey and milk (restoring all his life), she will need another 25 green bushes to produce more honey and milk. Alros has to pick them (Player presses L) and carry the bushes right before the cow's mouth. It would be a hard work picking all those bushes, but as the game advance, the cow began to change under influence of the fairies. When she gains wings, he is able to eat clouds (a cloud = 5 bushes).


After some time, the cow of a player would be very different to other players cows, as the changes on her will depend of the kind of fairies that the player visits.

Irobe the bacchant

In the temple of the bacchants(Queendom of Menisne), Menisne gives a grape leaf to te cow, and she is tranformed into a bacchant. Anyways, when Alros completes that level, he becomes a sacred wind, not needing a cow anymore as vehicle. However, the bacchant will appear again when Alros is in troubles, suddenly pouring wine and grapes over him to restore his heal. However, as she is a crazy bacchant she just loves to do strange things, and the healing wine would have weird effect in Alros (I.E. transforming him into bull during one minute. Anyways, it can be useful to defeat numerous but weak enemies. However, it is hard to control the bull with the gamepad). When Alros invokes Menisne, Irobe is shown as the messenger of the bacchant Queen. When she is bacchant, enemies can use dark spells to keep her away from Alros, thus Alros would not be helped by her when his life is low until Alros breaks the spell.

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