Giant Dragons saga

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Iniacs is a strange monster from video game that became real after Helena used its Ardent Medallion to try to repair a damaged cassette of the video game.

The Attack

Thanks to its giant mount it swallowed Helena to avoid she uses her medallion to undo her creation. Dragons felt the presence of Helena into the belly of this horrible monster, but they did not dare to attack it as the girl was inside it. The only thing the monster did was to swallow:
Trees, cars, even animals. Its mouth was getting bigger and bigger. However, it was easily defeated by a boy who remembered how to defeat to Iniacs in the Video Game. He threw an apple (the weaknes of the monster on the video game) into the mouth of the monster, and it exploded, releasing all the thing it had eaten, including Helena. Helena rewarded him transforming two little birds into winged horses of fire and giving them to the boy.

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