This is what Japan will look like above ground in the year 2091.

The player has been shot ahead in time to Japan in the year 2091. Everybody lives underground as not to disturb the serene nature that is above the earth. Technological advancements have made it possible for underworld realms to emulate the aboveground world of the late 20th century. People get their light from sunlight emulators and their food from nanobots that emulate the great pollinators of the past. The only problem is: you need to learn their technology QUICKLY in order to live. Nanobots have made cancer, heart disease, and all genetic diseases obsolete. But you are legally dead and cannot hook yourself up.

The object is to have doctors declare you alive again so that you can get the nanobots. The problem is that you lived more than 10000 miles away in America and the bureaucracy is thicker than the "War and Peace" book. Players can fight strange cyborg, human, and robot enemies while trying to get the money to bribe the politicians of the future to give you valuable forms. The complete soundtrack includes artists like Gwen Stefani, the Chemical Brothers, and Our Lady Peace. Buy some clothes to mingle with your future companions using money that you steal from someone's electronic wallet.


  • Don't even try to bring up "Radio Ga Ga" in a conversation. However, you could be accepted into their peer group if you mention "Lady Gaga" a few times as there are more Lady Gaga fans than fans of classic rock music.
  • If you're on Japanese Wikipedia, please leave the site immediately. Japan's censorship laws in the future will allow you to look at anything except hardcore pornography and video games that have been rated Z (by CERO) or AO (by the ESRB).
  • Pokemon is outlawed. Everything is served in a tin can; as required by law.
  • Facebook was bought out by Twitter and became Twitter Facebook.

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