Torch Maiden

It is a collaborative maze, you can expand it as you wish.

Regardless you like it or not, now you are a dragonic horse, and the fairy will ride you through the world, to revive the divine fire of the fairies and sprites all around the planet.

Soon you reach a human town, people look at you, scared to see that strange horse and his lightful rider.

Fairy: Oh, look at them... oh, how puny mortals they are... they do not deserve to live on my realm at that state. Come on, stallion, get rid of them

The fairy whips you, and you exhale a lightful blazes over the inhabitants of the town that have got out to watch out what is happening. Soon, where were girls now are fairies, where were women now are , where were virgins now are nymphs, where were men are centaurs, where were boys are erotes. Your fire has erased any sign of mortality, indeed, people have been replaced by sprites.

The sprites dance around you and the fairy, celebrating they have being born, they do not even remember anything about the mortals from where they were created. Your fire enchants the whole town, that is turned into a enchanted forest.

That is the plan of the fire: To destroy the whole human civilization, in order to build up her own queendom from its ashes.

Fairy: Do you see? There are not stinking humans anymore, their bodies are totally turned into ashes, and their voices are now dancing sprites that adore us. Do not you like it? Because I really like it, you know

Do you like it?

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