This game should be as realistic as possible. Nevermind ratings.

My idea would be that in this game you start by choosing a farm and your starting money (easy to hard) and choose what 1 year old horse you want. Select its color and gender. It would be great if they also could choose between different heights and characters like stubborn, kind, or long distance runner/sprinter.

After selecting horse you could train it to ride, practice racing, feed, groom, and muck out the stables (but don't make it a long process like most horse games do, don't make people pick up dirty hay piece by piece or replace it piece by piece) .

Should be able to hire people to feed/groom/ride horses when things get busy. Only racing should be something the gamer should have to do. Racing should be easy to do.

Speaking of, after horse is trained, they can start racing. Starting with a short maiden race, leading to the Triple Crown and Breeder's Cup among other races.

While horse is being raced you can buy other horses.

When a horse retires then they can be selected to breed. Choose a stallion and a mare to put in a pasture together. Again, realistic as possible. Don't actually have to show anything except male horse getting into postion then fade out to afterwards. Told you I want realistic.

Afterwards, Mare will have foal after 2 weeks worth of time (time will be quicker than real life on this game obviously, but game should not have a time limit. Meaning player decides when day is done).

When foal is born show horse birth. Again, realism. And it would be great if sometimes player had to assist mare. (Foal's head is stuck or something) They can do this by pulling on foal's legs.

Foal's color should be either color of mare or stallion bred. No combos. No pintos. A birth cerificate should be avaible for viewing. Person should be able to create foal's racing name from scratch (Thunderbird, Racer's Gift, etc.). Markings on foal should be chosen by player (star, stripe, socks, etc.)

When foal is old enough they can start being trained to halter, and all that.

Horses that are not winners/fast runners should be able to be sold. Same for extra horses and old horses that can't be bred anymore. Old horses die at 30. They can't breed after 25 (stallions) and mares can't breed after 20 years old.

Vet care should be involved too. Owner should call vet to look at horses every 6 months. Farrier every 2. Have story for horses that fall sick or get injuried in a race (if player pushes horse past its limits). Have player treat them. Sick horses should be isolated. If player fails to do that, the virus/bacteria will spread. Some horses may die if not treated well.

-The challenges are winning races, money management, caring for sick/injuried horses, and breeding good, fast horses.

-Player has two roles to play: Owner and jockey.

-Again, realism. Besides the player choosing when to end a Day in the game and choosing a foal's markings and the quickness of a horse pregnancy, everything else should be like the real thing. Except no cruelty.

-Farm can hold up to 30 horses. Employees will be groomers, jockies, and stable hands.

Should be for Wii, Nitendo DS, PLaystation, you know-a whole bunch of gaming systems.

Could be an excellent game for future horse racers and even vets because of the treating of sick/injuried horses and births.

Make it as easy as possible to play considering all that is needed to be done. Again, day to day care such as grooming/mucking shouldn't take long and shouldn't need to be done if employees are hired.

  • Somebody please make this game! I'd love it!

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