Afghan landscape 4 by rakadis-d5oi41l

An idea of what the middle east biome would look like, this even looks like someone's old homestead. Although it is more arid than the game biome I am thinking off.

Homestead would be a game about building, running and living in a homestead.

The game would be singleplayer, and maybe simple multiplayer, set in a randomly/procedurally generated world set in one biome chosen before the creation of a save game.

The biomes would be

  • Somewhat arid, sandy, lots of rivers,mountains and vegetation.
  • Nordic forest
  • Temperate forest/plains (like britain)
  • (This one is  a maybe) Abandoned, decayed, walled city

Before the creation of a save you would also be able to choose from some difficulties, the hardest that you are already hungry, thirsty and have no tools, the average would have you fully fed with a good rest, flint and steel, an axe and a fur coat to shield you from weather.

The game would be composed of lots of tiles, similar to Wurm Online except the tiles would be about the size of one step forward. Like Wurm Online, you could raise elevation by dropping mounds of dirt on a tile, or lower it by digging.


Farming plants is a simple task but it requires either an ard or a driven plow and a beginner will  likely have neither.

First you will need to collect seeds to plant. You can find some by harvesting wild growing vegetation or scouring the ground (foraging)

You will need a tool such as an ard or  plow to ready land for sowing.

You can create an ard with an ard head, a pole, a somewhat small amount of wood and an axe or carving knife.(carving knife will work faster)

You can use the ard to plow some fields, and then sow them by hand and you will have crops growing soon, lest you be somewhere completely devoid of warmth and moisture.

If you want a quicker farming experience  then create a plow, with some nails, poles and a metal plow head, and drive it with oxen or horses to plow your fields, and sow them from a seedbag for quicker planting.

In a few real life days (Or less if you sleep) your crops should be ready to harvest with a scythe or by hand.


You can construct buildings with all varieties of materials, including wood, stone, and adobe. Here is a set of instructions to make a simple house. This guide assumes you have access to clay, wood, grass, stone and reeds.Construction is a skill as or more important than farming if you want to build any kind of settlement.

  1. Use a mallet or hammer to plan some stone walls, maybe a window and definitely a doorway..
  2. Gather clay and rock to complete the stone walls. You will have a tough stone wall, good for a first floor.
  3.  Pack dirt inside the walls for a rudimentary floor you can improve later, or cover it with stones, or planks.
  4. Plan a thatch roof, and add poles, and reeds/grass to complete it.
  5. You now have a basic 1 floor  house with an open doorway. You can cover this with a 2 m² fur for rudimentary protection.


Pottery is the skill of creating pottery. You can create bowls, jugs and molds with clay that is then fired into a kiln. To mold clay, simply grab clay lumps and knead them into whatever you want to create. Then insert it into a fueled kiln.

To create a kiln, use a shovel on the ground and under the Dig dialog choose "Construct kiln" and you will have a construction site to which you must add stones until it is complete. You can then fuel it with brush or logs and place moulded clay inside to fire it.


Mining in this game has two schools of thought. Dedicated mining and hit it & quit it. They are both somewhat self explanatory.

To mine via Hit it & Quit it you would prospect random rocks and attempt to find ore. Once you find an ore spot, mine the ore out with your pickaxe as you need it or until it is depleted.

To mine with a more dedicated demeanor, just dig a hole and mine for ore, maybe branch off into side tunnels to find ore. 

However mining is very open and you can mine in whatever manner you want, provided you have a pickaxe.

Things to do ingame
  • Go catch some animals
  • Forage for crops to plant
  • Make a kiln to fire sculpted clay
  • Mold pig iron into tool heads
  • Sleep on comfortable bedding for a bonus to your speed on tasks and quality of products created.
  • Tame and breed animals including horses, goats, cows and sheep.
  • Build a raft, a rowboat, or a giant ship and explore, or just commute across a lake.
  • Create weapons such as daggers, swords, axes, crossbows, bows, slings and polearms.
  • Dig tunnels or even rooms underground.
  • Prospect for metals such as copper, iron, and gold, and then mine and deplete the deposit.

Unsorted jots about the game.

  • Has tile system like Wurm.
  • One plant per tile, though stuff like trees or bushes can span several tiles.
  •  I started brainstorming this game because wurm is overpopulated and too grindy and minecraft looks horrendous and has a lazy dev and is unrealistic, blocky and too easy. I also wanted something I could play in singleplayer.
  • Multiplayer should be small, 30 players tops. Good for groups of friends building a manor together or warring against eachother.
  • I want to have all kinds of different structures and modular buildings. Like a tiny circular mud hut with a hay roof as a pregenerated structure, but modular buildings to construct what you want.
  • You use a plough on dirt or grass to make farm fields instead of packing,flattening and cultivating like in Wurm.

Buildings list (ideas)

  • Walls of: Cobblestone,stone brick, adobe/mud brick, wattle and daub, woven sticks( also the first step in wattle & daub)
  • Floors of stones, stone slab, wood planks, packed dirt and can have carpet laid on top.
  • Ladders
  • Stairs
  • Fences and short walls
  • Gates, doors, windows
  • Castle walls- normal stone walls are much thinner.
  • Portcullis
  • Premade gatehouse
  • Premade doghouse and henhouse. Maybe make them the same thing
  • Premade small survivalist hut. Tent frame made of sticks covered in boughs, branches, grass and mud. Pine boughs, if used, take the place of both branches and grass.
  • Premade circular mud hut. African style
    Kirstenbosch Gardens 06

    Small circular mud hut, what i think the circular hut'd look like


  • NPCs who are trying to survive just like you, sometimes in groups
  • Crossbows
  • Having metal work in this game feels weird. Mining just feels weird in the setting I think of it as. I'm thinking that maybe you would buy metal from a trader,  or find old, lost tool heads and such in the wild.
  • Or i could do it like terrafirma craft ( cool minecraft mod) in which you have to prospect all over the surface and rock formations and such to find traces of ore in which you mine until it is depleted and prospect for another.
  • I want to have basic tunneling but you shouldn't be able to dig more than two person lengths underground without facing serious trouble.

I know it's just an idea. it doesn't strictly belong to me at all but this idea was thought & written by If you want to make this game, please give me a shout out because I would kill (or pay a lot) to play it.

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