Flowers of Blossom Realm
File:Heles Flower.JPG
Heles Flower
Attribute Inspiration
Elements Air

Heles Flower is one of the Twelve Flowers of Blossom Realm.


The poets and artists use its perfume and flowers as a symbol of status. The fruits are used to get divine inspiration.


It is possible to make many charms using this flower, including:

  • Wind of Songs: Used by young woman to get divine voice when singing. It involves very constant praying before an altar where flowers and perfume have been poured. In the final step the woman has to breathe over the flames to get them inside her chest, getting a fiery beautiful voice.
  • Muse of Fire: Used by mothers when wanting to turn one of her sons into a poet. Chest and forehead of the son are barely burnt by a burning cluster of those flowers while the mother sings sacred hymns. After this son takes a bath of perfume and fruit's juice of these flowers. During the bath, the boy begins to say his first verses.

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