Harold Fitzergerald is a video game about a guy named Harold Fitzergerald who tries to take down a mobster who nearly killed him.


Harold Fitzergerald is a former army sergeant who is famous for taking down a mobster. However the mobster's brother, another mobster named John Barry wants to kill Harold for this. After nearly killing him Harold goes out to kill him, in levels that parody other video games.


Train Station

At the train station Harold is waiting for the train. Someone then pushes Harold onto the tracks. The train comes and Harold jumps on things to get away. He keeps jumping away but soon enemies come. Harold jumps on them to defeat them. Harold then jumps into a manhole to escape. This level parodies Mario.


Harold is now in the sewers. He finds himself under a former nuclear testing site. He is attacked by giant rats but he defeats them. He then heads further but is attacked by mutant rats, spiders, and humans. Chaos ensues as Harold defeats them but more and more keep coming. But soon the King of the Mutants come. Harold and the King fight and Harold emerges victorious. Harold gets out of the Metro and gets on a plane. This level parodies Metro 2033.

Red Skies

Harold is now on a plane and the mob is still trying to get him. John Barry hires air pirates to kill Harold. A dogfight ensues with Harold winning the fights. Harold then must dodge anti-aircraft fire from below. More pirates come but Harold defeats them. Harold and another pirate, Henry Jackson, collide and both crash in a swamp. This level parodies Crimson Skies.

Schlecht Sumpf

Harold and Henry make there way to a bunker in the swamp. Soon they here groaning noises from outside. They look and see zombies coming toward the bunker. Harold and Henry keep the zombies out by shooting them. Soon they find the "Discovery Box" with 2 ray guns inside. They use the ray guns to shoot the zombies but the zombies break through. Harold and Henry find a secret exit but Henry is fatally wounded by a zombie. Henry tells Harold that he works for John Barry. Henry then blows up a grenade killing him and the zombies. This level parodies Nazi Zombies from Call of Duty: World at War.

The Carnival

Harold does not know where Barry is so he goes to a carnival where a physic is. The physic tells Harold that Barry is about to in a time machine in Germany. Then someone speaks on a loudspeaker "Match of Death". Two teams come into the carnival and start shooting each other. Harold then must survive the carnage and escape the teams. Harold then makes his way into the city. This parodies Team Deathmatch on Carnival in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

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