Halo Mega Bloks the video game would be a similar idea to star wars lego. It would follow the same type of story to halo but it would be a little more funny and random. Also unlike halo you would be able to play as all the covenant and the marines as well as the spartans.


Since this game would be more funny than halo and less serious i would like to be able to do stupid things like duel wield rocket launchers if i wanted to. Also i would include all weapons from all the halo games. Most importantly i think it would be cool if you could fight without any weapons. I mean come on what would be funnier than a little grunt trying to kill a spartan by punching him in the Knee.


I would like to include all the races appart from engineers because what can you really do as an engineer? I would definately love to controle a massive hunter and absoloutely destroy a group of spartans. Another thing is i would like all races to be able to use all the weapons appart from hunters cause they wouldnt be able to.


i would like to include all the vehicles from the halo Mega Bloks series which would add more variety to the game.&nbsp

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