A common hakins.

In the Alros and The Torch of Skies video game, the Hakins are very dangerous mechanical warriors that Alros can find in the Maze of Pain] and other places.


They have metal power, opposed to the fire power of Alros and the fairies, but very similar to the dark power of Lord Dim. It makes them undefeatable before the standard fire storms of Alros. However, when Alros becomes the Sacred Wind and his torch becomes the Golden Torch of White Fire and Divine Light, he becomes able to melt metal and the Hakins are not a problem anymore. Anyways, the Maze of Pain is the only place where the hakins will be a real menace as they are a great mount of hakins. It is one of the only enemies that can just ignore both fire wall and light wall to hurt to Alros in both kid and sacred wind shape.


They are too fast, so they can not control their path. It is really easy to escape when a hakins attacks, but the problem in the Maze of Pain is they are about 30 units.

Hakins King

He is a sub-boss in the Solar Altar. He is the most powerful hakins ever: A single hit can kick out of Alros the spirits of blessings that the red fairies put on him, separating his kid form from his god-like spiritual form. The spiritual Alros is invulnerable, but the kid is in danger and the spirit (controlled by the player) has to manage to destroy the king before it reaches the weak human kid to kill him. Anyways, if the player could not save him, the kid is never killed as the Fairy Solfa comes to save him. But now the player is not a sacred wind, and he has to look for the red fairies again to reunite with his spiritual being. If the player destroyed the king before the fairy has to save him, the Hakins King explodes and the spell is broken: The spirits come back to Alros, and he can continue, as Sacred Wind, to have his first fight against Lord Dim.

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