It is the not so distant future. The United Kingdom has fallen into disorder as a corrupt government tries to oppress the revolution. The people have been held down, force-fed lies and made to watch as their livelihoods are torn apart for too long now and so an ultimate stand-off between the increasingly rebellious and virtually futureless people and their dictator has led to war. The Americans have sided with the Prime Minister in an attempt to quash a supposed coup and the UK has slipped into 3rd World Status.

You play Morse, a young man whose family and friends have all been killed in a horrific genocide by the alliance and whose sole purpose is, as a lone guerilla, to seek revenge and try to even the score before the one sided war virtually wipes out any hope. You are going to lose the war but you will take as many enemies of the people down with you.

Guerilla will be a 3rd Person shooter that places you in the bloody and battered streets in and around major city locations across the UK from Newcastle, to Liverpool and through Wales into London where you will use every weapon available to take down your enemies. But gaining the attention of the defeated people of the UK, your actions will eventually fire up one last rebellion and throughout the game, armies of rebels will come to fight beside you when you most need them.

Guerilla will sport:

  • The ability not only to steal weapons from dead enemies, locals and allies but their clothes, which will be stored in your inventory. The next level you start, you will have the option of arming yourself with these weapons and cutomising new combat fatigues for yourself to wear. Scavenging is sometimes key to survival.
  • You will be able to completely customise your character's apperarance throughout the game.
  • A universal selection of historic and modern weapons for you to use and store in your inventory; pistols (revolvers, semi-auto, machine pistols), micro-smg's, smg's, carbines, rifles (bolt action, automatic and sniper), assault rifles, explosives (various grenades, mines and satchel charges etc.) and melee weapons (knives, brass knuckles, machetes, batons). Unlike the games that challenge you to earn hidden weapons, all you have to do is find the weapons in-game and successfully kill somebody with them for them to become available by the next level.
  • The ability to use vehicles and gun emplacements.
  • AI allies and enemies; when wearing an enemy's colours and remaining unseen by others, you can fool and assassinate your foe and get away relatively easily, however you must remove the gear before running into your allies or they will mistake you for the enemy.
  • The ability to use locals as tour guides throughout unfamiliar cities; you can find someone to help you through train tunnels and to give you directions through holes in security perimeters.
  • As you become more experienced in battles, you will be able to carry more weapons at any one time and become more agile.
  • The outcome of the game depends on how you defeat enemies (clean kills or drawn out gruesome ones) and how you treat locals and allies. If you don't support them or save them in times of desperation, you will become notorious and less likely backed in your war against oppression, otherwise seen as a tyrant!

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